What does an AI future look like?

If Artificial Intelligence were to become mainstream, how do you imagine the world to look like?

e.g. Self driving cars becoming mainstream.
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Artificial intelligence has a great Future ahead is what everyone will Say but I would say its very difficult for AI products.

Advantages of AI :
  1. More Perfection compared to Humans.
  2. Faster than Humans
  3. Can work 24 hours a Day.
  4. Good Replacement in place of Humans.
Disadvantages :
  1. AI boots or Products might have more IQ than Humans but they lack Human Touch.
  2. Cost of AI Products will be a major concern.
  • Need of More Human Nature and Responding capacity than Working according to procedures.

AI bots may replace some jobs such as hotel services, Software Programmers and hard working positions. But it cannot replace Jobs such as Chef, Drivers, personal Care Assistants.

Reason :
AI bots for positions such as Drivers and Personal Care assistants are not Trust worthy. People have more trust in Human Drivers than Bots.
Can you just imagine You and your family taking a long Journey with AI bot Controlling Car??Can you Sleep happily at Night trusting Bot Driver.??

So however cheap the world may become because of AI Bots. You can never Give responsibility to Bots.

Changes to see when AI adoption become mainstream

1. Personal assistant apps becoming the necessity for organizing and scheduling.
2. All tasks repetitive in nature like transportation, standardized processes, surveillance being directly or indirectly handled by AI bringing more objecitivity in the results.
3. Human involving services becoming costly.
4. Major change in the job landscaoe with blue collar jobs reducing giving way to more skilled and decision making jobs.
5. More demand for higher studies
6. AI aiding government in taking macro economic decisions like budget allocation, fair pricing, taxing etc
7. Wearable devices becoming your personal physicians giving you prescription on what, when and how much to eat. You would be able to scan the food and let your device suggest you if it is good for you. These devices would eventually become your personal assistants as mentioned in point 1
8. Everything will be more personalized like learning, eating, living, playing, watching etc with AI
9. As lot of tasks would be handled by AI, we would have a lot of time to socialize but it would depend on if we would prefer human interaction over that of machine. If machine actually becomes more personal, it might become more interesting
10. Bio-implants having their own intelligence and thus making physical disability a thing of past.
11. End of human wars
12. AI helping in colonizing other planets
Here is a glimpse of future.

And here some Most Common MYTHS about Advanced AI

I imagine that a lot of the manual labor will be gone, and that humans will shift towards a society of either designing, engineering and the arts while robots and ai's do everything else
Everything will be automated, Robotics and AI is going to build the world in the coming decades. But I can create problems too like mass unemployment and unequal distribution of wealth.
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As AI tech matures and combines with advancements in Brain Computer Interface, we'll move to a future where we all become cyborgs - driving unfathomable changes to human civilization.