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What fields and sectors are very small right now, but in a few years may become mainstream?

Examples: bitcoin in 2012, smartphones in 2007, commercial space travel etc.

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  1. Augmented and virtual reality: All of our external manmade experiences will become more personal and real
  2. Automated public transportation: Locomotives are mostly auto-pilot, will become mainstream in buses too
  3. 3D printing
  4. Robotic Cleaners: for cleaning streets, airports and other such big spaces
  5. Robotic Surgeries
  6. Cancer detection using machine learning

1. IoT

2. Multipolar use of Blockchain.

3. Robotics

4. Virtual Reality.

5. 5G Technology

6. Solar Power Technology

  1. Virtual Organizations
  2. IoT Applications
  3. 3D printing
  4. Biohacking

Space mining - search for the company Planetary Resources

Energy sharing and home renewable energy solutions

Electric transportation



Renewable energy

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and iot

Internet of things

augmented/virtual reality

Gene manipulation

  1. Brain computer interface.
  2. Self driving cars.
  3. Drones.