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What food has made you wonder, "How did our ancestors discover that this was edible?"

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I'm not Curious about how My Indian Ancestors found out it was edible.
I'm Much More Interested in How Chinese found Out so much food in Nature.
Insects are Edible.
Sheep Penis was so delicious for them
Tuna Eyeballs
Chicken Testicles
Egg soacked in Brine
Snake Soup
They Eat Cockroaches.
Potatoes are Soacked In Urine.
There is a dish called Patrade. I don't know the name in English though. It is made from kesu leaves. These leaves are very itchy and if you eat them raw it will itch like hell inside your mouth. It has to be cooked properly otherwise will cause discomfort in the form of excessive itching. We Indians did have some of the best chefs and incubation centres in our history. I mean the extent of the diversity in our foods and palette is huge. Makes you think how many people had to suffer itchy days to get the recipe right.
Puffer Fish
This fish poisonous and lethal to human beings. If not properly prepared could be lethal.
I wonder how many people would have died eating this fish and finally came to conclusion that properly prepared puffer is good.
Honey, because honeycomb is surrounded by bees, and honey was consumed by bear. But I guess most of things are got upon by chance( like that of thinking of tasted sugar and adding it to so many things, or for instance tasting salt and adding it too)
I would say, Fish Eggs(caviar), is the most strange dish.
Why do we pay so much for it.
Milk, makes you wonder why someone thought cow milk was drinkable
Milk- I feel weak if I do not take it for longer time.
It is intrinsic to any animal to take milk.

I seriously think how did they came up with that recipe when ever I eat
Most simple wheat or cereals. How they know that lentils And cereals better taste after cooking not raw
Some food like cockroaches and insects or rat, cat and dogs.
As i know, in Thailand the eat each and every above thing!
I mean how could you think about to eat something like this!