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What free software is so good you can't believe it's available for free?

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There are quite a few great softwares that are free. They range from entertainment to utility. I am limiting my list to only downloadable software. I am not including cloud-based, online tools and software.

  1. Tor Browser - Browser cum VPN. Alternative to other free software Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Chromium - The Best version of Chrome. It has an inbuilt torrent, Audio & Video downloader like IDM & Media Player.
  3. 7-Zip - Free file zipper, free alternative to WinZip.
  4. Paint.net - Best free alternative to Photoshop, has a lot of features.
  5. Audacity - Best audio editor loaded with tons of features. I can't believe it's free with that many features.
  6. Padlock - Simple & easy to use Password Manager. The best free alternative to LastPass & 1Password.
  7. Lightworks - One of the best video editing software better than some paid software like AVS etc.
  8. Inkscape - Free vector graphics editor. Never used it but friends say its awesome.
  9. Windows Defender + Microsoft Security Essentials - If your antivirus expires windows defender + MSE combo does the work for free. Still using it on my old laptop.

These were the few that I have used. There are tons of other free & open source software that coders use.
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First this would have to be my favorite topic

Ubuntu - The best free operating system software to install on that old computer.
Audacity - if you into making music or editing sound.
Text Wrangler - one of the very best, easy to use text editors
SuperDuper - for making backups of your HardDisk
SDFormatter - This is great for managing SD cards
Veracrypt - Is a must have for security of your files

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It's Google . We all have been habitual of getting everything and anything through Google. Even in our official life also we keep on searching solutions for day to day issues and problems. It has become one of the most important part of our lives.

I would definitely say that GIMP is the best free photo editing software available. It probably doesn't have every option like Photoshop, but for 90% of photo editing it can serve as an alternative to the pricey Photoshop.

One other free software is 7-Zip . Like someone before me mentioned it, it is a free alternative to WinZip (yes, WinZip is not free even though many of us use it as a free program). It can read almost every archive type and it can zip files without a problem.
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VLC Media Player
Google Chrome
1) Google Play Store

Filezilla - very helpful getting into ftp sites, exploring and copying is very detailed
Screenshotmonitor - this is very interesteing. I can give job to someone and can monitor their activities to gauge payment.

CriptoTab Browser it's a free mining software and shi's payng.
I really like VLC, and I never paid for it. It is available on mobile too.
Ubuntu -Linux OS
Tor Browser