6 months ago

What gives you butterflies every single time, no matter how many times have you experience it ?

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For every performer, the adrenaline rush for those 30 seconds before going to the stage gives you butterflies every single time no matter you'd done that a thousand times.

Getting on ferris wheel. Dont how many times I have been on it, but everytime coming from top to bottom, my stomach gets flies

Buying caterpillars

Lucid dreaming. It’s amazing every time!

Code releases everytime !

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It is weird but this is what gives me butterflies every single time.

I remember most of my dreams. Since childhood , I get a very repetitive dream about free falling from top of the building, though in my dream i am not getting hurt, it just happens again and again. It gives me butterflies everytime while free fall in my dream and I feel it in real as well as it wakes me up.

Seeing stars in the middle of the night out in the country on a clear sky night. It is gorgeous and blows my mind each time I have a chance to just immerse myself in that surrounding.

Riding YAHAMA R1 has been so far the best moment in life and i think of it everytime when i ride my Bike

It’s been a while, but I’ve done it many times.

Every time I jump off something high into a body of water I get butterflies in my stomach!

For me the thing that gives me butterflies every time I experience it is scuba diving. The world under the sea surface is totally different than we humans are used to. That's why it feels like you are on another planet. And the best thing is you feel like you can fly.