8 months ago

What if Youtube shuts down tomorrow?

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Popularity in other platforms such as dailymotion and vimeo would skyrocket!!
Youtube is a major revenue stream and Google has invested billions into it. So would they really shut it down any time soon? Regardless however, that doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t. If they did shut it down however, they would definently lose alot of revenue. 
Two things will happen:

Other websites will have a field day out there, with extended traffic.
You will get a lease of life ;)
YouTubers will lose their sleep and wish for it to re-start again.
Google will go helter-skelter on the response due to the move, and will realize the need to fix it.

In short, if Youtube is shut down tomorrow, it will again eventually re-start in sometime!
YouTube feeds the world more than it being fed by anything or anyone.
Believe it or not.. but LOTs of people will lose either a major part or maybe even all of their income that is generated via youtube for them..

People will be hunting for another medium similar to it and the one who comes up with a new platform will make a killing!!!
Facebook video takes over. No doubt!
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I suppose that someone can create a platform very similar to youtube. Currently many youtubers are frustrated with the new terms and policies that YouTube is implementing so they want to migrate to other platforms more pleasing.

Unpopular opinion: YouTube is overrated.
If YouTube shuts down tommorow, people at Google.inc will loose their sleep, start to find the reason and try to fix the reason for it shutting down.
Also, most of the human beings having a YouTube channel will feel comatose, as their monetary benefits from the channel will cease.
Also, the other people, who are viewers of YouTube will have to use their brains to analyze about a product and situation, not just feel opinionated about most things after watching a particular channel.
Also, many people will have to live in reality and work hard to achieve their dreams, not just keep on sticking to YouTube and dreaming about their future. Many YouTubers will have to do a real job in real life instead of posting shitty videos on YouTube and inturn, earning subscribers and money.
And lastly, another channel will pop up in due time and all my above comments ( sans first) will be irrelevant. 😎
My OOPS Tutorial series will be lost 😂
Everyone at vimeo are going to throw a giant party haha
That will mean more exposure for other platforms