What is a good weakness to mention on a job interview?

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This question ALWAYS comes up in an interview. In my experience it is best to disguise a positive quality into a weakness. Being prepared to answer this question shows how self aware you are. Though one must always cover the weakness by listing all the measures one is taking to improvise. Also, one should avoid talking of an ability which could directly impact the job, such as a skill which you would surely require at the job. A few safe options could be:

  • Difficulty in work delegation: this shows you are hard working yourself and open to wear different hats. However, it also shows that you are not a good team player and don't trust your colleagues, so one must cover that up
  • Micro-management: this shows attention to detail. One should be careful of the comeback for potentially missing on deadlines for this reason
  • Self-critical
  • Takes on too many responsibilities/ find it difficult to say no
  • Competitive

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" I'm a bad Liar"
I guess there a few I could mention like:

+ Your stubborn and don't like to leave until your finish.
+ You asked lots of detailed questions before starting a task.
+ You don't like to leave for lunch
Industustriousness. Show you're highly capable at attaining a specified target, but at the same time shows you are *too* invested. You get caught up in momentum and it damages your balance. Shows enthusaism, though an imperfect level of long-term sustainability.
This is a question that is asked a lot. At an interview be prepared with a "weakness" that is a) non-essential as a quality or skill for the specific position, and b) a quality you are actively improving. Be ready to explain how you are getting better.

An example weakness would be perfectionism . Say something like:

“I tend to believe that I can solve any and all problems on my own, or even that only I can do the job best. While sometimes this is alright, taking on every single responsibility can threaten deadlines. I’ve learned to take a step back and identify and place faith in the people and resources that I have available."

Other weaknesses:

It is in fact Perfectionism that is the best weakness to mention during a job interview. You say that what ever you do, you want to do it the best way possible. This is why you work hard and it is hard for you to let go off the task at hand before it meets your standards. How ever, you acknowledge that sometimes it is better for the business to do good enough of job as it is more effective and good enough instead of perfecting it. Now you are adjusting to understand that sometimes it is better to work more efficiently even though you want everything to be just right. This comes out to them as a positive personal trait - hard working person that wants to do everything just right. Why wouldn't you want a passionate person like that?
Being self-critical is always a good one because it shows that you will not take a job you've been tasked with lightly.

Another good one to mention is sometimes being too kind and occasionally being taken advantage of for it.

Being too hard a worker and not always knowing when to pull-back and take time off.
I would prefer some of the below weaknesses.
  • Softness
  • Being Honest
  • No politics at work place
  • No credit taken if work is done by someone else
You’re a perfectionist
Try not to humble brag and say you’re a perfectionist. One answer I use is that sometimes I try to solve a question or challenge myself when it’s often faster to just ask someone more experienced for help. Another answer I’ve used is that I sometimes have a problem not being able to say no to other people