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What is a good website to kill time on?

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Funny, humorous and interesting websites can relieve boredom.
Some few websites I actually follow when I am bored are as follows,
  1. 9   Gag : 9GAG has the best funny pics, GIFs, videos, memes, cute, wtf, geeky, cosplay photos on the web.
  2. Funnyordie  : Funny videos, funny pictures, and funny articles featuring celebrities, comedians, and you.
  3. Cracked : A funny website filled with funny videos, pics, articles, and a whole bunch of other funny stuff.
  4. Boredpanda  : Boredpanda is full of awesome stuff.
  5. Lamebook  : The Original - Funny Facebook Statuses, Fails, LOLs and More.
  6. 9   -eyes : This image site by jon roffman shows you the real life that you never have seen.
  7. Cybrhome  : Explore curated websites in every topic from graphic design tutorials to fashion blogs. All at one place.
  8. Vimeo  : vimeo artists creative content is mind blowing. Watch documentaries in vimeo.
  9. Storybird : Read awesome short stories.
  10. Masmic  : Be Anonymous and answer questions :)
Little Alchemy: This one is a fun little time killer. As its name suggests, the website deals with the process of transformation you achieve when you start mixing different things. You start with Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.

Mental Floss: It is a cool website which tells you the hidden stories behind the popular happenings around the world. They cover everything from science to history to technology to pop culture.

MUBI: Continuing on the topic of movies, if you are someone who is overwhelmed by the sheer number of movies in any catalog, and cannot decide what to watch, this one if for you.

The Moth: If you love the art of storytelling, you are going to love this website. The website houses real life stories told by the people themselves.

The Onion: Considered as the pioneer of satirical news coverage, the Onion is still the best among its class.

The Chive: Taunting itself as probably the best website in the world, The Chive is very similar to BuzzFeed in content.

Pixel Thoughts: It’s a very simple sixty-second meditation tool. There’s a bubble which floats through empty space. You just put in your troubling thought there and follow it for sixty-seconds. This little exercise is really relaxing.
There are a few great sites that can you can really enjoy, as well as learn a few things without trying.
One of the best technology podcast (video/audio) which includes live streaming is https://twit.tv/

A few others tech site that support and the technology maker movement are:

If your into to something more specif like Drones, have a look at:

Biggest time killers:
Facebook and Instagram (Just keep scrolling down.)
The day will end before you can even reach "you are all caught up"

They are a waste of time, stop using them. They even steal and sell your personal info :P
Facebook just scroll down

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