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What is a survival skill that everyone should know?

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Finding food!
The answer should be "Starting a fire"
Not to panic regardless of the situation becuase everything has a way out.
What are survival need ?
  • Clothes
  • Food
  • Shelter

These are primary needs of human since from ancient ages. And I think this is true doing anything in own manner to fulfill own survival needs we can say it a "skill".

If we take everyone, as individually then there are many skills, which can person independently choose to develope and preserve within himself for being better human and make contribution for better community.

And if we consider everyone as a part of community then communication via language . Language is the only source via everyone can express.

Along with this defence and attack are most important skills that will keep human safe and secure.

How to start a fire without a lighter or matches.
Everybody should know how to change a flat tire.

I’ll get to the wilderness in a second, but honestly, learn how to safely change a tire. Emphasis on safely. I know everybody has mobile phones and roadside assistance these days, but you can either be totally reliant on, and completely at the mercy of other people and institutions, or instead be as reasonably self-sufficient as possible. Think about trying to get somewhere in an emergency situation, or being in an area where you don’t have a phone signal. That would suck.

Once, while waiting at a red light on Christmas Eve, after a long day at work in Philadelphia, I glanced over and noticed a helpless-looking Asian guy with a flat tire in a nearby parking lot. Everybody just wants to get home on Christmas Eve, right? So I pulled over and asked if he knew how to change the tire. He didn’t, so I got out and changed it for him in the snow. It took me ten minutes, tops. He would’ve been waiting at least 40 minutes just for roadside assistance to arrive. He mistakenly assumed I was a mechanic (in a tie and dress shoes) simply on the merit of knowing how to change a flat tire. This sort of unnecessary, purposeful helplessness is, frankly, incomprehensible and distasteful to me if you’re male. I find it forgivable if you’re female.
(Accusations of sexism won’t bother me, but if you just gotta set me straight, go ahead and let me have it. If the mindset that a man has an inherent moral responsibility to be able to look out for women is offensive, stamp me guilty as charged.)

How to clean and/or distill water.
Resilient and adaptibility skills.
If you lack this two skills, your survival is inimical
I dont know if running is considered a survival skill but if it is u should be able to run
You should know how to make a shelter