6 months ago

What is an essential but not-so-obvious skill in life?

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Forgiveness! We meditate, we read, we learn and we practice but when the moment of utter sadness and damage comes , we are not able to accept it. We curse (may be not literally) , but we don't like to be around that person anymore who have caused this to you. We end up hurting ourselves more and more. But the beauty of forgiveness is it saves you from further injury and it might teach a lesson to the accused as well.

Acceptance without judgement.

Resiliency and being able to "pivot" mentally -meaning, adapting to a variety of situations quickly without needing to think.

To think in a blink..( as per intuition and prior conditioning) ..

As Malcolm Gladwell have suggested:


Critical thinking. Not everything is as simple as it may look.


We can do most of the things by ourselves, some of them maybe even faster and better if we do them alone. But everything we have accomplished so far we have accomplished together, and the ability to work together has been the cornerstone of the society we have built today. We often take it for granted, but without teamwork we would probably still live on trees and throwing spears at each other.

Nobody knows it all, the ability to share and build together is really underappreciated.

Learn how to change a tire. Yes I know about AAA and roadside assistance through your car insurance. But if they can't get to you, you should know how to do it.