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What is one of the most misunderstood subjects and what is misunderstood about them?

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it's mostly understood as something to do with religion, spirits and the unknown power beyond our comprehension which if prayed to will grant us wishes and help us achieve our material goals..

However, in actuality it's something that we need to inculcate and apply in our day to day lives and activities.. The advancement of our understanding of our being depends on how much we are aware about our actions and its repercussions in our own as well as others' lives.

All we need to know about being spiritual beings is that are we consciously making decisions to neglect the fact that we are going to the extent of even harming others in order to gain something for ourselves.. or not... we have become so self centered and self absorbed that there is hardly any or in many cases no scope of us benefiting anyone else but ourselves..

Our spiritualism is actually the way we carry and share compassion for and with others, it's in accepting our own flaws and rectifying them for the larger good.. it's in realizing that we are not meant for simple survival, we are more than just ourselves...

I think philosophy is one of the most misunderstood subjects. That it took so long to become a high school course, I think, attests to this. Even within academia, however, there seems to be confusion.
Human Suffering

Misbelief: Suffering is considered to be bad , something terrible that shouldn't be there.

But once we start accepting that human suffering is the part of nature and it is inevitable then we can take steps to decrease the impact of it on our life...

If you want some deep knowledge about it then try this book : The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama & Howard Cutler

Also a little poem by Robert Browning Hamilton

I walked a mile with Pleasure
She chatted all the way,
But left me none the wiser
For all she had to say.
I walked a mile with Sorrow
And ne’er a word said she;
But oh, the things I learned from her
When Sorrow walked with me!
Death just might be one of the most misunderstood subjects today. To many it is enshrouded in mystery and evokes dreaded feelings of fear, uncertainty, and even hopelessness. Others believe that their deceased loved ones are not dead at all, but instead live with them or in other realms! 

Being tough or stupid is one misunderstood subject. People, especially teenagers always think that the stupid things they do shows that they are tough, but in reality it only shows that they are extremely stupid.
Trading always happens otherwise
The most misunderstood subject in the world is religion. What is misunderstood? People thought religion leads to God
It should be about the religions..
Trading people believe if u buy and hold long enough ull profit but not always true especially if u buy garbage coins
Does God exist? Many say he doesnt and If he exist, why does he permit suffering?