What is something that is considered as "normal" but is actually unhealthy, toxic, unfair or unethical?

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List of Toxic Practices

1. Eating Food such as Pizza and other Junk Foods might Seem normal but it's very unhealthy
Ex : How life has Changed In Middle East due to Junk Food.

2.Being Educated People who live in Cities should not throw Garbage wherever they want,but this thing continues and it has Increased by 3x in Recent Times. Grabage creates huge Problem and it will affect health of everyone living around.

3. Some Gurus and Maulvi's are very Toxic, they always spread Hate and Voilence. So if you want peace Follow Spiritual Gurus not Violence and FUD spreading ones.

4.The rate at which Our Farmers are adding Chemicals fertilizers to Soil is degrading the quality of Food in India.
The Effect this is European Union has banned Foods such as Rice, Mango, Orange and Grapes from India.

5. Don't eat Apple that we get from USA. It's useless and has Nothing in it. This Unseasonal Apples is not good for your health.

6. Buying Chinese Products might Seem Normal but it's really hurting Indian Economy. Yes we can blame our Govt because we don't have proper Support for Chip Manufacturers.

Our Politicians don't really care about anyone, all they want is Money. You don't believe Our Politicians extract money from MNCs for every Policy they make.

7. Twitter is the Worst Place. It feels like you have All the freedom to Complain but Trending on Twitter doesn't Solve Any Problem.
Recently saw people Tweeting About Endangered Crocs being Transferred from Lakes Near Sardar Statue to facilitate Water landing of Planes. Spending Money on Statue is fine to some extent,but Relocating Crocs is nothing but Killing them( In India our Govt Doesn't value Human do you think they gonna worry about Crocs).

It's Totally Useless to Spend 3000 Crores to Build Tallest Statue in World. It's Just to add Feathers to Crown of MODI.

If Sardar Knew Politicians Would spend this Massive Money. He would have even made LAW to Govern all these Kinda Things.

Injecting Steroids , Hormones  in  fruits and vegetables ,
Alarming misuse of the  hormone  is being done by the farmers to earn inorganic profit.
"This  hormone  is being used by many farmers to plump up  vegetables  like bottle gourds, bitter gourds, pumpkins and cucumbers.
Dairy farmers too inject oxytocin to cows and buffaloes to extract more milk.
It is very dangerous for human being and for entire society.
It is being considered as "normal" but is actually unhealthy, toxic, unfair and unethical.
I hate to be a party pooper but the amount of alcohol casually consumed daily by a large portion of the population in the USA is surely unhealthy and probably toxic. A beer or galss of wine with dinner is probably fine but a couple six packs probably isn’t.
On top of that and probably much worse is the current state of pharmaceutical over prescription, from toddlers to our seniors, almost everyone is on too many different medications for treating symptoms, but not addressing the major issues.
Those are a couple normal unhealthy things.
Burning fosile fuels

For us humans it's considered as normal, but actually it's unhealthy, toxic and definitely unfair to the rest of the species on Earth. Most of them have no benefit of using fosile fuels to produce energy so I would say that it's definitely unfair to them.
Factory farming. The commoditization of meat production is a horror story that we rarely think about, even though many of us eat the results every day.
Masturbation. It grows hair on your palms and makes baby Jesus cry.