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What is something you genuinely dislike about technology today?

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In fact, I moved from a different educational stream towards Technology . At first it was very difficult, but with the help of perseverance, I tried to get as much knowledge about the technology as possible.

But at the same time, in the year 2000, there was very little use of technology. But the fact is that this has increased a lot, and the question of unemployment has arisen.

I feel uncomfortable to applaud the technology as I'm a technology user. Technology is a boon if you look at it. But human has also been misusing this evolution in a big way.
It doesn't matter wheather i switch off MyLocation tracker or not. Google knows were i am. There is No Privacy in this World now. Anybody with knowledge can Access your Lap and Phone Camera.

Private Companies Share Our Secret Data with Govt with Just a Phone Call. Go Indians Search for that Cobra Post Explosive Video about One of the leading Digital Payments companies sharing Data with Govt.

Too Much Spam Messages and Junk Messages. With Phone in my Hand it's very Easy to reach me, it's an advantage for me but it's very Sad at the end of the day my inbox is Filled with Junk.

These Days I have started to Use Basic Mobile Nokia 1100 😂. Life Feels Better without Ads.✌️😈
Instant gratification:

Due to technology everything is available on click of mouse and people get what they want ( at least in virtual way) causing dopamine rush.

It resulted in reduced patience and working hard nature of people. In order get new breathing inventions long and deep efforts are required

Which la la in new generation due to instant availability of sense gratification which leads reduced interest in important thing as they have everything on click. No need to work much

Friendship: Finished!
Sending Letters to each other: Finished!
Living without Cell Phones: Finished!
No one buying records or tape anymore, we download it!
Order food to our homes, we don't usually go for dinner!

I dislike people using technology to scam others..
I truly hate machines that are taking peoples jobs. Scared that machines will pull a terminator on us.
I dislike that the phone and computer are spying on you and learning your buying and browsing habits to create ads just for me, creepy.
The sole purpose of technology is to make our lives easier but with more advancement in technology each day our lives are becoming complicated day by day.

For Example -
Smartphones are there to assist you but we can see that people are trapped inside there phones.

I genuinely dislike the fact that how sensitive the technology today and how likely it is to break down. Also, the fact that new technology becomes obsolete in a matter of months. I know it shows rapid progress bit we aren't making money as fast as the progress is progressing. It is really frustrating 😤
The one thing I dislike about Technology is that it is always incomplete..It has bugs, errors, hacks, insecurity, etc. which needs to be frequently updated, rebuilt.. Frequent updating and rebuilding is time consuming and of course costly..

We will never be satisfied of using a complete form of Technology, as our needs are endless. ..