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What is that one thing your city is known for?

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To start with, Chandigarh is amongst the cleanest cities in India. Well planned roads, CTU buses and planned architecture helps a lot. Moreover it is the first planned city of India designed by Le Corbusier.
Here are some points which will tell you why Chandigarh is famous
  • The city is divided into sectors and a special thing about the sectors name is that the sum of the sectors facing north and south to each other is divisible by 13. E.g. sector 15 and sector 11, sector 18 sector 8, sector 23 sector 16
  • There is no sector 13 in this plan, as the number is thought to be inauspicious here. *sarcastic* (the sum is divisble by 13 but there is no 13 sector)
  • CTU buses and transportation in the city has made it extremely economical for travel plans in this city and thus preferred by many tourists.
  • It is filled with posh areas, beautiful gardens, well maintained and wide roads, and a smoke free environment.
  • The city is the only one to serve as a capital for two states in India- Punjab and Haryana.
  • It has been given the title of “The city Beautiful” for its magnificence and picturesque beauty
  • .In chandigarh, you wont find statues in gardens or roadsides because the French architect who built it kept this condition.
  • It forms the tricity of India with Mohali and Panchkula being the other two neighboring ones.
  • Rock Garden by Nek Chand, Sukhna Lake, Rose Garden and Elante mall are some of the many tourist attractions in this place.
  • You will find all kinds of market here. From posh to the economical one.Sector 22 is one of the cheapest(in terms of price) market present here.

I hope the reader reading this finds it interesting and plans a visit soon to this beautiful city. I am sure it wont disappoint you ;)

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