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What is the best way to lose weight?

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First and foremost, the entire concept of losing weight in our mind is wrong. Following a certain diet and exercise routine which may have helped someone else will not solve your problem. Your body mechanism is unique, somehow it may be like someone else’s but not completely. So instead of following any regime be it food or exercise, first give yourself enough time to analysis how your body reacts when exposed to certain changes.

Also, it is very important to go with an approach of getting fit rather than measuring your daily weight on the scale.

Step 1: Know your body

Most of us our suffering from hormonal imbalances which we are not aware of and these are caused by sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits. There are some basis checkpoints to be cleared before moving towards next step: Get yourself checked for below things:

a)Thyroid – T3, T4, TSH (Hyperthyroidism, a major cause of weight gain): If yes, please seek Doctor’s help and you might be started on thyroxine as your thyroid gland are not naturally producing enough hormones.
b) Bad Cholesterol - Lipid Profile (Will show how healthy your heart is, you may be suffering from high Cholesterol levels): It is not advisable to start with medicine unless the bad Cholesterol in your blood is at a very high level. Instead changes in your lifestyle like Brisk walk (45 Min) or any other form of exercise which suits you and clean eating will help you maintain your heart healthy. Follow this for a month or two and recheck your lipid profile test again.  
c)Vitamin D3 Deficiency – Since we are not exposed to enough sunlight (gone are those days when people use to sit and work under Sun for entire days during Winters) and poor eating habits, most of us are prone to have D3 deficiency. Most common in Women (20 years and above). Common Symptoms are feeling lethargic hence resulting in weight gain as well. Seek Doctor’s help and try and get at least 10 min of direct Sunlight and involve Vitamin D rich foods in your meals.
There can be other medical reason for your abnormal weight gain as well, but these are very commonly occurring imbalances.

Step 2: Eating Habits

To lose weight, the first mistake we do is we stop taking home made food properly. Absolute foolishness!

Eating at right time in right quantity will never increase your weight. Daily intake of Ghee is very essential for maintaining bone and skin health. Eat curries prepared in natural oils (Mustard Oil or Coconut Oil) during day/night time (Using in less quantity will not increase your weight but instead it has many additional benefits). You can opt olive oil for dinner.

Skipping Breakfast: Wrong! You are not only adding extra pounds to yourself but also inviting lots of metabolic malfunctions. There is a very old saying: “Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper”.

Daily Protein intake is very important. It will burn your bad fat and will build good muscle. The right time for this is during Breakfast.

Avoid packed food items: These days we can find lots of packed item stating beautifully “Diet Snack”. Please don’t fool yourself. Canned Fruits and Vegetables should be avoided: Lots of chemicals, sugars and preservatives.

Go Natural as much as feasible! Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

PS: Try and munch every 2-3 hours to keep yourself away from bloating!

Step 3: Exercise

There is no perfect type of exercise. Exercise will only be perfect if you are enjoying it regularly. The main motive is to move your body. We are very prone to sit at a place for long hours. So, movement is important. If you have a desk job, try move for 5 mins every half an hour, stretch yourself a bit.

I can suggest few options though:

1.      Yoga: I am a big fan of yoga. It heals you physically and mentally simultaneously. It may not result in immediate weight loss but inch loss instead. By inch loss, we mean losing body fat while gaining muscles.
2.      Walking: Adding 45 min of brisk walk can add magic to your life.
3.      Learning any Dance/Art Form: It is a fun way to lose your body fat.
4.      Swimming: Swimming is also very effective and entertaining at the same time.
5.      Gym: A good option unless and until you are hurting yourself overdoing it.
6.      Cycling/Trekking etc.

Keep Moving!

Step 3: Water

Drink plenty of Water. It flushes all your body toxins. It is advisable to drink at least 2L of water per day.

The more you aim to be healthy, the more you are closer to your weight loss goal. :)


Write down what you eat normally for a week or so and identify problem areas. This could be something like eating snacks too frequently, or a certain item like soda or candy.
Don't try to eliminate that problem entirely - like don't say "I will never drink a soda again" after having a three soda a day habit for years as this will cause cravings - but try to find ways to limit it.
If it's possible to replace the item you could try that (like eating whipped chocolate yogurt instead of a bag of M&Ms) or try to reward yourself with the item instead of indulging all the time. Start looking for tips for identified problem areas, like replacement snacks, or keeping food out of the house, or cooking at home to make less calorie dense food. Chances are whatever your food problems are others have experienced them. Look for others solutions and tips on those issues.
Try new lower calorie food or even lower calorie food you haven't eaten in a while. You will probably find something you like, start eating that thing instead of something more calorie dense.
Perhaps join a support group (IRL, virtual, friends, etc) to try to stay together in your shared goals.
All the ways mentioned in the answers are best "ideally" not 'practically'. The best way to lose weight should be the easiest way* . Follow the instructions and you will definitely see improvements.

Firstly , check all from the following checklist. In anything left unchecked, then get it CHECKED.
  1. You are disease free.
  2. You don't have any mental disorder.
  3. You don't have any deficiency.
  4. You are healthy.
  5. You are not sedentary. ( 2000 steps or 1.5 km daily. It's easy any working professional, student, housewife easily covers this much daily)

Second , choose the way that is easiest for you:

Lazy way-I - You are physically lazy but mentally active.
People like you are physically lazy but mentally strong. Giving up food is easy but hitting the gym is extremely difficult. So, STOP EATING FOLLOWING FOOD ITEMS.
  1. Sugar - No sweets, ice-creams, cakes, drinks, juices, alcohol, white bread, honey etc. Throw away sugar from your house literally. No packaged food just home cooked meal. Consume only natural sugars from fruits, dry fruits and grains.
  2. Processed & Fried items - Stop consumption of any deep fried food items and processed food especially processed meat. ( You can take this restriction lightly)

Lazy way-II - You prefer stressing your body that your brain.
People like you like to use your body instead of mind most of the time. Doing sit-ups is easy but giving up gourmet is difficult
  1. Workout - Have that extra cookie and sweat it out. Run, cycle, jump, pump like a madman. Sweat everything out till you are exhausted.

Extreme Lazy way - You are physically and mentally lazy.
People like you will spend money instead of using your mind and body.
  1. Work-not-out - Use sauna belt and wear that shape-wear to stay slim. Make sure that to use according to instructions.
  2. Supplement & Pills - Weight loss pills, drugs are best. Hormone supplements are very much effective.
  3. Surgery - Liposuction, Weight loss surgery, Bariatric surgery will do wonders.

Active way - You are physically active and mentally active as well.
You can do anything but want simplicity.
  1. Follow Lazy way I (diligently) and Lazy way II (halfheartedly)
  2. Apps - Use simple apps like google fit, charity miles, my fitness pal etc.

Insane way - You are motivated determined to lose weight.
  1. Follow any of the other answers.

*If nothing helps then pray

Whenever I hear this question,
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How To Lose Alot Of Weight In 4 Easy Steps!

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Do not starve yourself! However eat less calories.
Been through both - starving yourself 1. Makes you feel like crap, being hungry constantly, also leads to bing eating and easily putting the weight back on later.
Two - Eating less calories (obviously with a healthy/balanced diet), completely cut out sugary foods, leave you feeling much better/lighter long term. Keeps the weight off!
Ofc exercise as well.

Keep bad food out of the house - the more work you need to go through to get unhealthy food, the less likely you are to indulge. This can get kinda messed up with online food ordering etc. If you really want to order food - go get some water and look through what you have in fridge/pantry and brainstorm a few meals. Think about how much quicker it would be to make these meals rather than order. Have pick-up only rules for takeout so its less convenient. Also having eating windows helps - sometimes sleep for dinner is the healthiest option.

With have read and seen in some documentaries that changing to a mainly vegetarian diet, and of course some exercise is necessary. At least walking to start some chemical processes.
To eat less than what you consume. Sounds boring, doesn't come with any fancy names or gurus to boost motivation, no. Just a simple fact. To eat less than what you consume and do so over a long period of time. Changes little by little will prevail and doesn't backfire on you at the first hardship. If you do this over a long period of time, taking realistical and fairly manageable goals, you'll lose weight over time with permanent results. Too fast changes lead to gaining all the weight back when returning to normal life. If your normal life is changed with small steps you won't even notice the difference and thus it works for you.

At the same time change what you eat little by little. Make your own food so you'll know what it contains, make your meals smaller and at the same time slowly change the ingredients used to healthier alternatives. Experiment, let food have its taste and continue moving on. If there is a small relapse, don't worry, acknowledge that and keep your focus on your longer term goal. Avoid extra snacking outside of meal times but let yourself have a treat here and there.

This will not be your fast results game-changer but it will ultimately lead to a result that sticks and ultimately this is why we're losing weight for. Not to get it done temporarily but permanently. Works for a lazy person like me as well.
Keto diet! Just make sure you still get enough fiber.
  1. Go to bed every night at 9pm and get up in the morning at 6AM, every day. It's important that you keep this routine once you start. Begin by turning off all electronic devices, and reading 30 minutes before bed.
  2. Eat dinner between 5pm - 7pm every day. On a 7 inch plate. Don't snack after dinner.
  3. Exercise daily for 30 minutes. start out by just walking daily. make sure it's the same time daily.
  4. Eat you largest meals from breakfast and lunch.
  5. Find a few moments a day, in a quite space, to stop everything and take deep breathes and relax. Do this for three times daily for five minutes.
Start logging down whatever you are eating, be it coffee or tea or biscuit. You can use an app to track this for you.
I personally use MyFitnessPal .
Basically you set a target weight, what you want to achieve, then define the calorie intake for the same (the app does this for you), now you just have to log everything that you eat. Soon you realise what is causing those extra calories. Start removing those things from your diet, it would be cumbersome for some time, but soon you will know what food has how much calories and how you can balance it out.

Over that you can anytime start exercising, starting with light sessions and then moving to rigorous one. As a matter of fact your goal should be to loose "fat" not "weight", there is a significant difference between two.

Now that you want to loose fat, you can use the same app (in my case MyFitnessPal), to tinker with the protein-fat-carbs ratio in your diet. You will see how your food habits have changed.

However it may require you to leave your most loved food sometimes, but in case you have a craving for that you would know how to balance out the calories by exercising and other food.

Also try experimenting with different ratio of exercise to "carb-fat-protein" because every body reacts differently, what may be helpful for you might not work for someone else. You should give at least 1 month to help body adapt to one routine and see the results.