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What is the biggest difference between the 1990s and today?

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Population - Back in early 1990s there was more space and less people with population about 5.3 billion. Now, there are more people and less open spaces with population of about 7.4 billion.

Slow paced life - Back then everything was slow. You get mail in over a week, train travel was slower and time consuming, even transferring money would take weeks. Everybody had time to spare with everyone. Now everything is too fast and you don't have time even to think, everyone just reacts.

Social Interaction - That was time for big social interactions, gatherings, meetings, events. Now every social interaction is online via social media websites. Earlier people use to meet in person then share their landline numbers, nowadays people share numbers first and then meet if required.
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  • Life in the 90s was less stressful, because people were less addicted to social media, compared to now!
  • Desktop computers were common and popular in the 90s and quite expensive too, but now nobody asks for it. They were slowly replaced by laptops and later by notebooks. As of now, people prefer working, surfing or communicating using their smart phones!
  • A day before any festival, your dear one’s birthday or Valentine's day, you throng the greeting card store like ‘Hallmark’ and buy beautifulcards, write a few inspirational lines inside, sign and post them to your loved ones in 90s, but now you just wish everyone through the click of a button, free of cost, like sending a card from your phone, the e123Greeting cards, that are hugely popular now.
  • You were not connected to people virtually in 90s, as only a handful of social sites ( Classmate, Open Diary to name a few) were available then, but now the scenario is totally different, with Facebook, Twitter, Quora and numerous other sites, you have more virtual friends than the real ones!
  • Kids used to play outside after they are back home from school in the 90s, but now they're glued to television watching Pokemon or NinjaTurtles or play video games or even worse surfing on the Internet!
  • Atta ( in India ) was available for a mere Rs.10 per kg in the 90s, while it is Rs.50 now! ( The price rise holds good for all the essential commodities in India )
  • In 90s, exact change ( even if it was 50 paise ) was returned to the customers, judicially by the shopkeepers in India, while now there's a shortage of change ( Rs.5 or Rs.10 ). We were asked to buy something for that amount ( usually a small packet of biscuits ) or we'll be paid the difference in the form of a chocolate!
  • Petty shops and many retail stores selling the groceries and other day to day essential items, are a common scene in the 90s, while those lowcost businesses are a rarity now, as huge malls have cropped up even in small cities and people prefer shopping in them!
  • Independent houses with beautifully spread garden were common in the 90s, while the skyscrapers have taken over them now!
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First of all that is a brilliant question!

  1. 90s:
  2. Cell phones were the second coolest gadgets after pagers. 

  3. Internet connection wasn't possible without dial up connection.

  4. People wore colorful clothes.

  5. Game boys and other gaming consoles alike were popular among kids. ( I had two of those gameboys)

  6. Fashion was simple and its simplicity defined the cheerfulness of the person. 

  7. Every kid dreamed that when they are grown-ups their friendships would be cool and funny like the popular iconic TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 

  8. Grunge fashion was popular. Kurt Cobain was another music icon. 

  9. People spent most of their time outdoors.

  10. Movies can be rented only by walking all the way down to the store. A fee was paid if returned late.

  11. Lining up outside the store when an album releases.

  12. Saturday morning cartoons were really cool.Kids just loved 'em!

  13. Present day:
  14.  People tend to wear clothes that are more of darker shades.

  15. Internet is possible, even in a cell phone.

  16. Handheld game consoles are pretty ancient.

  17. Nowadays, phones and other gadgets are the first priority as soon as a person wakes up. Its good but it also had its disadvantages equally.

  18. Movies or TV shows can be easily accessed through Netflix without leaving the room.

  19. Music can be easily purchased from/downloaded into your smartphone without buying the CD. 

  20. Kids prefer entertainment somewhat related to zombies or vampires or some fantasy related character. 

  21.  I have written these down based on experiences from other people as well as mine. If there are any mistakes or facts that I have missed out please drop those facts in the comments below. Thanks :)
The invasiveness of internet to our daily lives. Without cell phones, internet, computers, laptops, social media, online games, connectivity and all of the things that has been introduced to our lives through using internet as part of the service, life would be wholly different. Just like it used to be back then. Since '01 I didn't no longer run to my friends house if they didn't answer their landline telephone. I had a mobile phone and so did they. It has brought a lot of content to our lives but has isolated us further away from real meaningful interaction.
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Biggest Changes

1. Social Media and Internet has changed has our lives forever. We are less social now than ever in 2019.
From School kids to 90 Year Old behaving like a Kid, everykind of Person can be found on Social Media. We feel so Crowded even we live alone.
People have become peculiar animals because of Crsis Of Identity.

2. KIDS are no more Innocent.

I have a Cousin( 4th Standard) who searches for "HOW TO IMPRESS GIRLS" every now and then and he even knows to Clear Browser History.

3. Feel Of Celebrity
Technology has also advantages. There is less Gap between the Celebrity and Common Man. Those are days when we used to think People who come in TV are Great(We didn't know Nepotism).

Now anyone can Create Cool Content and make Waves in Industry. Internet and Technology has made lives More challenging for Celebraties and they are facing more competition than ever.

4. e- Books
E-Book is one of the biggest changes in the world today. In 2019 anybody can write their Own Books and can sell online without any Investment.

5. Online Education
I expected a far more Growth in this Sector than anyother. The Problem is Education has become an Industry, a way of Ripping People. A time should come when Students should Go to College only for Practical Studies and Experimenting.
Focus is not on Education and spreading Knowledge,now the importance is more on Schooling Children.

6. DeCentralized World.
The Concept of Decentralization is still in it's Infant Stage but it's Growth is Faster than ever in 2019. I see more power in the hands of People now than in 1990. People are asking Transparency and Equal Distribution of Resources with Equal Opportunity for all.

I think lot of it depends on where we spent out time at that period. As per my opinion, living in a developing country like India biggest difference between 90s and today is that now we spent lot of time alone rather than with community. Some of the examples are

  1. Phones: There used to be either a single landline or even no phones at that time. Due to this, no one was allowed to speak for more than 5 mins or else some important call can be missed. This forced the behavior to meet people personally for longer chats
  2. TV: At that time, TV sets were rare and considered a luxury. So, at time of broadcast of popular shows like Ramayana, lots of neighborhood used to gather at the common house and enjoy watching it in big groups. Today, we are living in a Netflix era where we watch most of things alone and keep it private.
Immediate access to interaction with more people than you have previously met throughout your entire lifetime.
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1.The average person has become use to investing over the internet.
2.More people don't have a full-time job , and do things like drive Uber passengers.
3.People are waiting to they get in their thirties or older to buy a house.
4.We are changing jobs more often.
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For me the 2020's were bigger than the 1990's and much has changed now than before and that's all I can say and see.
Our planet looks more abundant during the 90s but now it is full of various breakthroughs. It goes without saying that we gain some while we lose some.