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What is the Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Done?

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Drinking my Father's old monk in the middle of night because it was too cold and I couldn't sleep.
Deprive myself of sleep for 3 days. That was it. Nothing fancy
I once climbed a ~100m high radio tower with a friend of mine.
Ejected a pen drive without safely removing it. Twice!
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cliff jumping even i was not ready for.

i got black out in the thin air
Tried to drive bike on opposite direction on one way
Without having driver license
There was a snowstorm in Toronto. A lot of people got stranded there as there were no planes flying in or out. I had just finished a con in Halifax where I was selling my books. I live in Halifax so that was all good, but a few of the artists at the con were from Toronto and were stranded, being told they wouldn't get home for at least a week. Meanwhile a girl I was sort of seeing ish was stranded in Toronto and needed to get back to Halifax for work.

I drove to Toronto with the artists, leaving at around 2 AM... We took shifts driving. One of the people in the van had accidentally taken an edible and was unable to drive, so that left three of us to take shifts. There was a snowstorm on route. It was a pretty intense drive. I picked up the girl, had dinner, then started back to Halifax. Keep in mind, this is about a 20 hour drive.

There was a massive blizzard on the way back, we stopped in Montreal overnight and then continued on our way... hit another blizzard the next leg of the journey, but we made it in the end...

So, that's one.

I remember the feeling of heat. The air was wet - I was thirteen and had just flown into Honiara, Solomon Islands, to live with my father. I hadn't seen him in a few years - since he moved to Gizo he'd only been back once, for the death of his father (my grandfather). Anyway, I stepped off of an air conditioned plane, coming from Toronto, Canada. Every leg of the journy had been in air conditioning. It was a week solid of travel and there was still two days left to go, but my father was meeting me in Honiara to make the last leg with me.

I grew up on planes, traveling often. When people asked where I was from I would joke that I grew up in airports, so it wasn't that out there... but this was extreme. I had just traveled halfway around the world to a country I knew very little about, moving there full time.

The humidity, the smell of jungle, it all hit me at once. My immediate thought was "This is home." I've never had that reaction to a place as intensly as I did there... but yeah, it was crazy.

Another one.

I'm scared of heights. I'm also not a great swimmer. Not terrible, but certainly not going to win any medals or anything. I was standing on a rock face, the waterfall cascading down on either side of me, maybe fifteen feet down to a pool of river water. Jungle canopy on either side. This place was almost impossible to access on foot, someone had at some point, to anchor the ziplines, but it was very difficult terrain. The guide jumped into the pool below and I thought "Screw it, I'm probably never going to get this chance again" so I jumped.

The water was bathtub warm, but still felt refreshing after the jungle heat.

Costa Rica didn't capture me quite as much a the Solomon Islands, but pretty damned close.

Last one.

I bought a sailboat. A thirty footer. I grew up on boats, but really hadn't sailed in many years. I had to get my boat from the marina I bought it at to the one I was going to store it at. I had decided that the way to do this was to sail her up. It was a good solid day of sailing. At the last minute the two experienced sailors I had asked to come with me backed out, so it was my son and the girl from the first story. She was a professional sailor, so I figured we would be fine.

We started out and the seas were a bit choppy. The wind wasn't too bad and we had decided to use the engine for the trip, not the sails.

The girl went below decks and took a nap. Turns out she doesn't really know a whole lot about sailing, spent most of her career cooking and cleaning on boats, not actually sailing them. When she had sailed it had always been with somone else in charge.

As we got futher and futher out of the bay the waves got higher and rougher. Finally, we hit open water. The waves were nine foot at that point, and choppy. We realised that we would have to go broad on to the waves to make our course. there was no other way to get where we were going. Now, an experienced crew would have had a hard time in those conditions... actually an experienced crew would probably have abandoned the project well before we did.

In the end we decided that we weren't going to try sailing past Peggy's Cove (notorious for killing ships and people) in those conditions and sailed back into St. Margaret's Bay. When we tried again a few days later we had the previous owner of the boat (an experienced sailor) with us and much calmer conditions.

Those are a few of the crazy things I've done in my life.

There are a lot more, but most of them will have to be published posthumously...

painting the roof of the house
investing money in crypto currency
Initially I borrowed money online, tried it, but now I'm hooked and dizzy to pay it off because I'm not working anymore 😂