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What is the most useless skill you have?

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Fart anytime i want 😂
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I have many useless skills. My biggest useless skill is that I can write fairly well. I’ve spent a lifetime seeking a profitable use for this skill with no success, so my conclusion is that it is useless.
I can do carpentry and cabinetmaking, but not well enough or fast enough to make money at it. Same thing for sweating pipes and wiring a house. I can do it and it works but not very well.
I can build a sailboat from scratch. Another useless skill.
I have always been extremely skilled at dead reckoning estimation, whether it’s real estate, construction, pricing, forecasting or whatever, I can predict within a few percentage points of the correct answer. Useless it seems.
I can read maps really well, another useless skill in a Google Maps/Mapquest world.
I know alot about trains, space, world war 1, guns, and a bunch of other useless things that usually bore everyone to tears when I start talking. Useless skill talking about famous train wrecks or ship wrecks or whatever.
I have a skill for story telling but there’s not much call for it. Sometimes, around the campfire, people ask me to tell a story. But how many times do you find yourself around a campfire?

Why do I consider it as useless, because in current professional life , no one care and value your sincerity , they all require a Fenku person who can do bucker without doing any work ...
I have Taekwando Black belt and never used it's skills in real fights also I stopped participating in tournaments in last 12 years. I still have some basic skills.
i can reverse my eyes with my one finger!
(you can see inner portion of eyes)
Can balance cushions/books on my fingers !
I can tie a knot in less than 3 seconds
I can roll my belly like a belly dancer up and down but also side to side.
I don’t find much use for it 🤣I
Snoring zzzzzzzz........