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What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

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First of all, this is just my personal opinion.
In 2015, there was a film called:

Don’t know why I ever thought of watching this film. At that time, I usually watched Salman Khan movies since they came around the festive season and it used to be a good outing with my parents. But there was a difference. His movies were action masala entertainers and I loved almost all of them. But this movie, disguised as a masala film, was nothing but a boring, outdated romance.

I didn’t want to watch a romance on Diwali! I never want to!

It’s also an action drama but moreover a romance with a TV serial-esque execution. Those serials, which I had to reluctantly watch as a kid since they were played at a loud volume in my home

PRDP wasn’t a movie. It was just a soap opera edited into a movie.

Salman’s acting was good and so were the action scenes and grand sets.

But the songs kept coming and coming.

If you think all Bollywood movies are musicals, you’re terribly mistaken. But make no mistake, I guess this movie is what a true Bollywood “musical” means.

Characters meet, talk, joke and then break into a song.
And guess what? This keeps happening again and again in this close-to-3 hours long family drama!
Anupam Kher was the best thing about this movie. His performance was really touching.

I don’t use words like “outdated” for any movie because good execution matters more than the type of story. But this movie is completely outdated. It’s pretty much a rehash of the soap operas I was irritated by.

The film did improve towards the end with a good fight and emotional dialogues, but right then, a happy ending was forced.


And guess what? Another song after that!
I was disappointed but since there were good moments as well, I felt it’s worth at least 3/5.
But later, when I completely stopped watching romance movies (I’ve seen barely a few) I recalled and realized this was a bad movie to me. Perhaps not to all, but to me at least. I turned to IMDb and gave it a 1/10. I rarely give movies negative ratings since I only watch the movies I find interesting.

It was a rare experience to fail at choosing a right movie to watch, after a long time
Disaster Movie
Dilwale ... It was said by one of it's actor that it's at the same level as inception . When I watched it, felt like my 2:30 hours were wasted.

Thugs Of Hindutan( Hindi) is One of the Worst Movies in Indian History.

There was Super Hype Around and felt like Film be like Bahubali but this was Super Flop and music was also not so Good.🙏

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Bollywood ki shahruk khan statrer billu barber
The Tree of Life - had Brad Pitt and Sean Penn yet it was super super boring and overrated.
The worst movie I've ever seen is "Dhoom"
Tubelight of Salman Khan
 Battlefield Earth