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What is your favourite thing to spend money on?

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Traveling. The experiences I've had on the road are memories that will last a lifetime. I've had insightful conversations with strangers, time for self-reflection, and moments of just being awed by this amazing world of ours. You can read books and watch documentaries all you want, but nothing can replace the moment you come out of the subway/train/taxi and stand on the street of a foreign city. 

Traveling is a humbling experience that helps me appreciate life. I learn something new about the world each trip, and always manage to be a bit more clear about who I am and who I want to be. It also makes me acutely aware of how little I know and leaves me yearning to learn more. Can't think of a better way to spend money and/or time!
Travelling - I bet almost 90% of you will have this fantasy to go on Bike Trips. I have ways loved Conducting Bike Trips with Friends. Always wanted to Visit Wildest parts of India and Nepal.

Food - Good Food , Good Income and Peace of Mind is all everyone want. I always want to try more and more dishes from Different parts of World.

Donate to Needy People: No matter how much you earn it always feels less when I see Audi. I have always felt the Need to Donate money for Poor or Elderly people who struggle hard to Make daily Needs. This Idea came from Someone who Donated money and His line was "Yes money can Buy Happiness ".

Buy Books to Rural Kids : Many of you Don't know How much Rural People struggle for Books. We are thinking of CBSE AND ICSE education. I have met people who can't afford some low cost books of State Syllabus.

While You Feel the need to Buy next Series of BMW think a Little Bit about sharing Your Resoueces for the Innocent Budding Minds.
Travel and holidays would be the top of my list of things I'd be happy spending money on. Experiences and exposure you gain by travelling are parallel to no other materialistic possession.
A good quality mattress, bedding and pillows - You spend (hopefully) 8 hours per day on it. Sleep is the most critical think that effects your health and well being. Buy the best mattress you can afford, and get good pillows, and quality linen (100% cotton only!), the additional sleep will pay back in dividends. Your health, work, moods, relationships, etc will all improve.

Sunglasses - Cheap sunglasses do not actually provide any UV protection, hence your eyes still get damaged by the sun. Buy polarised lenses only, you wont regret it.
I mostly spend my money on Dopamine and Adrenaline , sometimes on Serotonin and Oxytocin .

Dopamine -
  1. Travel - Least Favorite
  2. Food - Favorite
  3. Alcohol - Favorite
  4. Weed - Less Favorite
Adrenaline -
  1. Gaming - Most favorite
  2. Adventure Sports - Favorite but occasionally due to Travel being least favorite
  3. Car - Least Favorite
  4. Gambling - Favorite
Serotonin -
  1. Learning - Most Favorite
  2. Expensive items - Least Favorite
Oxytocin -
  1. Donating - Rarely
  2. Lending and shy to ask back - Most of time
Cryptos since the last few years. It has become a hobby to buy a bit once in a while. I also purchase a lot of science and history books. On certain occasions I do spend a bit on PC hardware. Upgrading once in a while.
The Most favourite thing I spend money on are on Books. Fresh, Hard-copy, fragrance-of-paper kind of books. Despite electronic mediums being available, I still love holding a book to read. Mostly love fiction, but can gobble up any kind of written word whenever I get a chance. So I buy books as and when I can get hold of one or two.

My second best thing is on travel with family!! I usually lead a planned travel itinerary. So I end up optimizing my spent and get the best out of my vacation.
I like to invest in personal and professional development. Actually anything that can allow me to live a balance and independent life is worth my money. Essentially becoming a entrepreneur, that operates a social enterprise , could be worth any amount on money.
My family, haha mostly on things for my kids, but I love to take my family on little vacations to the beach when we can afford it!
I spend the most money on food to be honest. I love trying new cuisines and rating them on yelp