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What life-altering things should every human ideally get to experience at least once in their lives?

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There is a whole bunch of things we can experience. some of them are pleasant and some of them are heartbreaking . So here's the list -

1. Meditating
2. Travel - travelling is common nowadays but don't travel just to look cool on social media but to explore this beautiful earth and your inner self. Every time I travel it changes something inside me and I feel close to myself.
3. Love someone - Yes , go do it. Just love someone with you full heart and see yourself becoming the the best version of you. It makes us kind and compassionate. Love is not bounded to relationships only...
4. Experience a breakup before 20's
At last
Do what you love and love what you do ...

Having a child, nothing will change your life more, teaches you to love someone else more than you love yourself and you'd do anything for that person.
 Get away from everything you know at one point in your life. There is a whole world full of risk, chance, and experience. The security you have in your hometown can be traded in for adventure and change.
It is hard to say but truth be spoken. My answer for this question is - Death of dear ones . Especially parents.
Psychedelic drugs
I think everyone should do LSD at least once in their lives, preferably at a young adult age.
It is not without any risk however, so be safe and read up on it first, and only, only do it with people who you are close to and in an environment where you are safe to enjoy the trip.
Finding the perfect partner to share the rest of your life with. That os what every human seeks but not everyone gets to be fortunate with.
A hard decision, I was thinking having a child, it is more rewarding than anything else, but maybe not for everyone?

I was going to say everyone should experience being loved.
it seemed a little generic, but mostly obvious!

Something absolutley everyone should experience is traveling it just changes something in you when you venture into the unknown.

Psychoactive Drugs

  • Cannabis to start with, very mildly psychoactive
  • Amphetamines like Adderral & Vyvanse & other mind enhancing stimulants
  • Anti - Depressants to show you how easily your mind is controlled and give you glimpse into the idea that you're not all that in control of your emotions or "yourself"
  • Psychedelics like Psylocibin (aka Shrooms) and LSD and others

if you try these all in that order, you'll understand that you don't understand anything at all. At it's very useful an experience for people of the modern world to have had.
forgive and be forgiven