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What makes an (or the) Egg break the record of most liked Instagram picture?

We're well familiar with the Egg, which broke the record of most liked picture of Kylie Jenner on Instagram (even if you're not on Instagram; this made it to major news distributions)

What do you think/believe was special?

If it was just an egg, what according to you contributes to such viral content?

Here is the Instagram link - world_record_egg

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I think it a spin on the famous American tv, public service announcement:
This is your brain (they show an egg)
This is your brain on drugs ( they cracked the egg, into a sizzling frying pan).

It's about the pressure that some people feel from trying to deal with social media.
If you than consider, cyber bulling and any related metal health issues, the egg image is sending a message.
The message of the stress that some people feel.

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The sheer majority of people trying to bring down other people. It is the same reason why Youtube Rewind 2018 is the most disliked video on youtube. When people see someone hating something they even mildly dislike, their hate is amplified. In this case, the act of bringing down one of the most popular celebrities on Instagram by liking something insignificant like an egg fueled the emotion of 'fighting against power' in simple minds.
Only one factor:

"The cumulative time wasted by all people on social media is showing a parabolic growth"
It is because of its sarcastic explanation.
Stupidity !