6 months ago

What makes you optimistic about the future?

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I would have to say what makes me the most optimistic about our future is my children, the next generation seem to be more intelligent and more empathetic to those suffering.

Technological innovations also are promising, and with a global connectedness we should see that only accelerate.

Now if we can all be a little more like our children, compassionate and sharing, instead of the unfortunate greed that is prevalent in the world today, we will have a good future!

Virtual reality may eventually be more seductive than reality such that people can be destructive in an imaginary world and make the real world a safer place.

As time passes, the worlds knowledge becomes more open and transparent. Even in the developing countries, technology will allow a 12 year old village child to receive education and information through free satellite internet.

Imagine this child having access to Khan academy. Most people in the western world don't realize that education is not free in some countries.

I have always looked for the bright side in my life. You can’t be negative all the time. Even in the worse of times, you always have to think that things will get better until the day you die and when that happens, you can think no more. Why might you think like that? Well do you really want to be negative all the time in life and not enjoy the simple things in life? Like a nice sunset or the fact that there are some people out there that care about you. Life isn’t all negative and you have to think the future will have a bright side as well.

I've always been a pathological optimist and I always try to think the best for the world. Scientific research is certainly one of the things that gives me hope for a better future.

I have nothing to worry about because I do my job right. HOPE is something which we all need to have about Future. Tremendous growth in all sectors comes with a cost, so there will be unemployment but if you are update with your Knowledge and desire to learn new things future will be Damn positive for You.

'Hope'. Whatever be the current circumstances, hope for the future that everything will be alright and the drive to make it happen makes me extremely optimistic.

I think with all the problems we're having the world is generally becoming a better to place to be to more and more people. There is less suffering, poverty, disease and wars then ever before which means more and more people have a chance to realize their full potential, which leads to more advancement, which leads to even more people having a chance to realize their full potential, which leads to more advancement... and the loop goes on.

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