7 months ago

What new habit do you want to adopt in 2019?

Any habit related to self-improvement! Your answer might motivate others to adopt the same habit. :)

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I want to improve my diet in a conscious manner.

I want to start buying quality food and learn how to cook well.

I want to start reading a lot of books again, I've bought a lot of them in recent times but I haven't read them yet.

I want to start valuing myself.

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I am adopting this new routine : 8 am sharp

I started to create video projects as a hobby recently, but I am not able to make much because of limited time and resources


On Saturdays, Instead of wasting my whole weekend, I would get up at 8 am sharp,

  • I may be in a hungover,
  • I may not have an concept,
  • I may not have a script,
  • I may not have any freaking Idea about what I am going to do.

But by the end of the day, I should have a complete Video published on my network.

Have to get up 8 am sharp

Consistency is what I'm failing at when it comes to Caring about Myself. I have to make Daily Routine to do some exercise and Meditate.

I should Leave the habit of Buying New Smartphones everynow and Then.

Again Fitness and Family should be my top Priority.

Focus on Only one Thing.

Reading Books

Focus more trending Tech.

I'll will start to eat low carb

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Gym at least once a week

Audiobooks in car instead of random radio stations

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Self Organization

Control on Sleep timing

And no binge-watching.

I wanna start making my bed every morning.

any habit which can lead interaction with other like honest

Waking up before 7 AM and sleeping before 11 PM

Not looking on mobile for at least 30 minutes before sleeping

Not looking on mobile for at least 30 minutes after waking up

Morning and evening walks

Office stretch-ups

Travelling once in 2 months

Spending weekend time in discussion with local communities and like-minded people