What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

If you introspect your life journey so far, what would you advice your younger self today?
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  1. Priority to health, family and friends
  2. Follow your dreams
  3. Build something on your own
  4. Learn coding
  5. Life is enjoy
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  1. Learn coding.
  2. Travel more.
  3. Start using the internet for self education.
1. Family is more Important than Friends.
2. Prioritize your Health than Friends.
3. Spend Time with Good People.
4. Being Alone is Better than Spending Time with wrong People.
5. Silence is Better than Talking Shit.

Be who you are and just never give up
  1. Don't invest in BTC at ATH
  2. Buy BTC early
  3. Nothing comes before family and friends
  4. Do not be afraid.
  1. Health is the biggest priority.
  2. Happiness is a skill; cultivate it.
If there were educational podcasts in my early life, I'll make myself watch them. It is the bridge from school to work reality. It provides a lot of insights which I think should be taught in schools. Influencers like Jim Kwik and Lewis Howes are more than motivational speakers. They shape positive and grateful lives. I love learning from them.
Now, I am in the adulting stage, I think the best advised that I can give to myself are I need to calm down, don't get frustrated to get and make the things done. Need to enjoy life every second of it. Because achieving goals i not easy. Need to do it one step at a time. Thank you.
  1. Do what your heart says
  2. Be satisfied on what you get
  3. Be thankful om what you've experiemced
  4. Learn coding
  5. Be someone inspiration
Be a child. Be happy and experience the enjoyment and perks of living being a kid to which you've never experienced before.