What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

If you introspect your life journey so far, what would you advice your younger self today?
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  1. Priority to health, family and friends
  2. Follow your dreams
  3. Build something on your own
  4. Learn coding
  5. Life is enjoy
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  1. Learn coding.
  2. Travel more.
  3. Start using the internet for self education.
1. Family is more Important than Friends.
2. Prioritize your Health than Friends.
3. Spend Time with Good People.
4. Being Alone is Better than Spending Time with wrong People.
5. Silence is Better than Talking Shit.

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Be who you are and just never give up
  1. Don't invest in BTC at ATH
  2. Buy BTC early
  3. Nothing comes before family and friends
  4. Do not be afraid.
  1. Health is the biggest priority.
  2. Happiness is a skill; cultivate it.
Respect  yourself , that's the  advice I would give  to my  younger self . Everything  you  do, all the choices  you  make,  your  successes and  your  failures are all directly related to how  you  feel about  yourself . When  you  love  yourself  and live with confidence,  your  choices reflect that.
The piece of advice I should give my younger self is "You've done a fantastic job! You 're amazing on your own!" This may sound like a cliche, but I don't regret all the things I've done in my life's past years. Those things made me who I am now.
Be true to myself always.don't forced myself to become a very good one, just to impress everybody.
Trust nobody but myself only.
  1. Spend money wisely .
  2. Be happy and consider many things in decision making , pray for it .
  3. Stay positive and learn from every mistakes .
  4. Be humble and always consider to love other people , be patient ,considerate and do not look into their mistakes but you should always have a heart to understand .
  5. Always be a channel of blessing to others.
  6. Consider each day as your last day to live so that you can give your best to others..
  7. Above all make God happy all the time by being always obedient to his words and show his goodness by showing love to others specially the less fortunate