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What resources (websites/apps/channels) are good to start learning about cryptocurrency?

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Firstly you have to know what you are trying to learn. It's not the same learning about investing into crypto and learning how crypto works.

A good start can be BitcoinTalk forum . I know it can be overwhelming when you open it at first, but there are plenty of forum posts for people that are just starting to learn about cryptocurrencies. Also, there are local boards where people can write in their native language (which is easier when learning new stuff). I'm from Croatia and out local board is very open to newcomers. I guess other local boards are too.

Other than that, you can browse YouTube because there is a lot of videos explaining the basics of cryptocurrencies.
Coinmarketcap (https://coinmarketcap.com)
Still an amazing resource, and an oldie but a goodie. Coinmarketcap will provide you with the total market capitalization of all exchanges that they’re aggregating data for and provide this to you in a simple format. There are many contenders and competitors out there, however Coinmarketcap has cemented itself as the Google of the crypto world and will likely not be trumped.
I'd suggest you to start with some youtube channels: "datadash", "blockchain", "Altcoiner", "crypto daily", "cryptonews".
Also I found very useful to follow some telegram chat especially if you want to follow some specific crypto currencies you can look on their web page for the official telegram page (pay attention to scam telegram chat!!!)
Finally I think the best way to get informed is going on Twitter and follow some crypto influencers / crypto pages (you will find hundred of them). Follow Bitcoin, Coinbase, Binance etc...
Coinbase/earn has some very good introduction videos and you can earn free crypto but this is limited to BAT, Oz and Zcash.
Once you get started on those 3 main social you will find your way :).
By far the most robust and capable tool for running technical analysis and drawing charts, supports a large amount of assets and is easy to use. It is also free up to 3 indicators, which is generally enough for the everyday trader. You can visit them https://tradingview.com
Crypto Panic is the best! Crypto Panic is a cryptocurrency news aggregator site which basically means it scans various websites for cryptocurrency related articles and provides it through the one page, versus users having to go to multiple news sites to find information related to cryptocurrencies.

Data Dash ... It is enough to gain a fair knowledge.... The guy gives transparent reviews and explains well
Pivot, coindesk and YouTube. These are my best bet
Rather than going direction less on internet.

I will recommend you to join Online MOOC by
University of Nicosia in Introduction to digital currency. It is taught by Andreas best and most trusted person in this field

Just do not wander around

Maybe you have a friend or family member you´d like to help get started. ... I have selected the BEST resources I have used and still use daily, based on my ... app or a desktop platform where many (if not most) cryptocurrency hold private ... COINS 2 LEARN is the coolest website the #1 digital coin trading 
Coindesk.com / Youtube (there's many videos if you search for how bitcoin works) / Medium.com