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What's a subject you wish people were better informed about?

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Crytos and its legality. From last 2 years i have come across many people who do not have the idea of what exactly crypto industry is but they seem to think it's related to black money or gambling or other unethical activity. When BTC reache 25000$ it was possibly the moment when most Indians suddenly were introduced to cryptos. I tried to explain some of my friends about why crypto trading is similar to stocks. just that it runs 24 x 7 . also explained blockchain to them. But there were some who still viewed it with suspicion. Though there are not entirely to blame as too many scams and ICO's popped up last year. Bitconnect also caused lot of dirt being thrown towards the industry. I just hope the Supereme court hearing in february does clear some of the things so that people finally can understand the real situation.
Economics - It seems the strongest advocates for a certain economic policy are always based on opinions with fundamentally impractical or false assumptions of how value is created and destroyed in a society.

Politics - I swear to god that I'm either insane or one of a handful of people that can talk and think about politics without being sucked into the blissful unawareness of psychologically animalistic traps. Too often do I have to contemplate how people are actually living their lives not even realizing their own thought processes yet eager to point them out in others.

Mass Media/Cultural Norms - The world's problems would be 50% solved if everyone had even just a basic understanding of how and why we perpetuate and indoctrinate certain ideas into the members of our society. We don't even have to agree on what ideas are good or bad, but as long as people can have a better baseline of understanding than the entire structure of societies would change for the bette.r
Would have really loved if people were more informed about their Constitutional and Human Rights and thus the Labor Laws of the country[ specially India] , so that they could have been really professional and there wouldn't have been any discrepancies in terms of productivity and time balance in their lives and personal spaces. It is painstriking to see people still unaware of themselves having a straightforward double life, unbalanced through the lack of knowledge of self Rights.

One more thing, I wish people were more informed about the pros and cons of Cannabis and it's recreational and medical usage .
Bless them who had done their research!
Honestly it sounds boring but even if we focused on water a little ot would be a huge benefit, itโ€™s conservation is extremely important to our species.
currently the pollution from household items and pharmaceuticals is a major unknown problem.

There may be wars in the near future over resources like water, there have been in the past, I wish thee was more real focus on respecting and working with our resources instead of controlling and dominating them with pollutants and finances.
I'm Living In India, so the Issues will be concerned more about Us.

To Farmers: I wish Farmers in India are informed and Educated about Farming First and How soil reacts to Chemical fertilizers, water and SunLight.

Most of them Don't know too much of SunLight And Fertilizers Kill Important Organisms in Soil. Exposing Land to SunLight kills all organisms.

It's not necessary to Plough Farm Land Again and Again. It Only Increases Water Evaporation and about 20 tonnes of Water is Evoprated in a Year.

A Farm Land Without Trees to Hold Water in their Soil will not survive long. So it's necessary to have at least 110 trees per Acre along Some Fruits and Veggies in Between to Cover Land from Soil.

In 2019 about 98% of Soil is Unhealthy and only 2% are following Organic Farming.

Law is Made By the Rich for the Poor and to Pacify the Poor.
People Should stop Worshipping People or Politicians and Start to ask for Constitutional Powers and Laws to be implemented same for All.

Water : Usage of water is most inefficient in India. About 3/4 of River Water reaches Ocean. India is not Short of Water, the crisis is Created to make people Migrate from Villages to Cities. Cheap Labour for Industries is the Motivation behind Creation of Water Crisis. I know it's Controversial topic for more clarity make your Own research.๐Ÿ™

Healthy food - Access to good natural healthy food, could transform a community/country.
Famers markets and community gardens could change things.

affordable Healthcare - People around the world (including western parts) are suffering from
chronic problems. If they had access to yearly/monthly care, it could help.

Education System - Unfortunately we are working so hard, the problems in under funded
schools go unsolved. This is a primary source of hardship in a society.
Communities need to get involve. Some might think these problems are for
educators. However a lacking school system, lead to the death of a
Generally politics and policy. People don't understand the basics.
Earn some Bucks even when the were sleeping.
Don't work like a dog. We are humans.
Work smart.
Freedom. Liberty. Voluntarism.