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What's a useful skill that you can learn competently in 20 hours or less?

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Cloud and Distributed Computing.
Statistical Analysis and Data Mining.
Middleware and Integration Software.
Web Architecture and Development Framework.
User Interface Design.
Software Revision Control Systems.
Data Presentation.
SEO/SEM Marketing.
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Spread the 20 hrs. over 20 days (1hr each day). The time in between allows you to commit the new ideas to longterm memory.

Google firebase : noSql database, web hosting, web project file storage
HTML and CSS : With a few JS libraries add to the head section, you can develop a cool web
Reading Stock Charts : If you concentrate on analyzing the charts from a technical perspective,
you could make real money.
Rebuilt a 2-stroke engine . (for mopeds)
Communication is the most important thing ever. So while making communication person must very well control over their speech. So language is the only source to communicate.

So my honest suggestion is learn any language either it may be spoken language or maybe programming language, it will give more spirit and self-confidence.
You can learn to cook for yourself and save money on all those restaurant bills you pay a month
Self-belief or self-confidence skill.
Nothing beliving in oneself .
cooking simple meals, baking cakes or buns - there are a million recipes, online and the skill of sweeping floor - seriously - some people do not know how to sweep a floor if ever the need arises.
Make an egg
Copying activity of others..
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In 20 hours or less, one can learn to program in HTML😁.
Bake cookies