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What's an interesting fact about your country?

Whatever seems interesting to you would do!

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Finland is said to be the land of a thousand lakes. This is rarely known and a little unaccurate. In reality Finland has 187 888 lakes or ponds and all of them are at least 0,05 hectare in size. These lakes and ponds also carry one of the most cleanest waters in the world. Awesome, right?

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Like someone before me said, Croatia has the best football team (although we finished second in the last year world championship). But Croatia is much more than beautiful women and football.

I know that most people know Croatia for it's Adriatic sea. But did you know that Nikola Tesla (the man who invented electricity) is from Croatia? Also, Slavoljub Penkala (the man who invented pencil) was also Croatian. If you get to know Croatia a little better, you'll see that it has much more to offer than it's magnificent coast.

Operation Smiling Buddha- Succesfully kept India’s first nuclear test a secret

RAW played a key role in maintaining the secrecy of the first nuclear test by India in 1974. It was in fact, such a secret mission that even the intelligence agencies of countries like China and USA were unaware of any such activity by India.

Operation Kahuta – RAW’s most daring operation which was eventually botched due to a silly mistake

The site of Pakistan’s main nuclear weapons laboratory, Kahuta, is also the site to one of RAW’s most daring operations ever. Operation Kahuta was started with the purpose of infiltrating Pakistan’s nuclear energy installations. The operation was botched when the then prime minister Mr. Morarji Desai inadvertantly informed Pakistan’s then President Zia-Ul-Haq, that India knew about Pakistan’s nuclear program. As a result, Pakistan traced all the sources of RAW in Kahuta and many RAW agents were killed.

RAW was able to place a spy as a ‘Major’ in the Pakistan Army – ‘The Black Tiger’ Ravindra Kaushik

Ravindra Kaushik, was a famous theatre artist in his earlier days. He was spotted by RAW officials during one of his dramatic meet and was contacted and offered the job of an undercover agent. In 1975, he was sent to Pakistan where he managed to join Pakistani army and rose to the rank of ‘Major’. Kaushik was instrumental in saving thousands of Indian lives and gave invaluable information to the Indian intelligence agencies. He was conferred the title of ‘Black Tiger’ by RAW.

The Philippines is the second largest archipelago in the world.

I live in New Jersey and it has the most diners in the world with over 500. So yes, I live in the American state that has the most diners in the workd.

My country is run by trump


Croatia has the most beautiful women in the world. And the best football team :)

Italy is the nation with the higher percentage of World Heritage Sites.

An unspecified number of historical monuments from both the Roman and medieval periods have been left in Italy.

Indeed Italians are not affected by the so-called Stendhal syndrome (also knows as Florence syndrome).

Well I have residency in Costa Rica and here 99% of the energy we use is from renewable resources!

i hi k that is pretty cool and unique

It is a very known fact that India is one of the most diverse country in terms of people,culture religion,language,topography etc.

One of the most interesting rule which had been followed lately in our country is that when we go to Movie Theater ( any language any place throughout the country ) , our National Anthem is being played before the starting of the Movie and people inside the theater stand due respect our National Flag which binds this great diverse land together.