6 months ago

What's in your bucket list?

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To do something worth mentioning about. It doesn't have to be anything spesific, anything will do as long as it makes me feel that I've accomplished something important in life and if others see it important as well it helps me to realize that I've done something worth mentioning. Naturally, you shouldn't rely too much on what other people think, but you can't argue against the fact that if other people agree that your achievement is great, it'll boost your feelings even more.


let's see. I've always wanted to learn to sky dive.

One day I also want to visit Hawaii. I guess that also a great place to also start scuba diving.

Also one over the top item, I've also wanted to try flying a small engine plane.

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Flying in a wingsuit. I love watching the videos on youtube, and I think it would be the most amazing experience to actually do it.

See as much of the world as possible.

Travel, Live and Enjoy.

To get to talk to my idol Virat Kohli

Visit Moon - both for the journey and destination.

To kiss my boyfriend on the terrace of our office xD

P.S.- Yes, the terrace is amazing.

There are lot many things I have not yet experienced. I have always been confined to a specific set of nature. There is no defined bucket list as of now, but want to keep trying new things be it smaller or bigger.

Top of my list is to try all kinds of alcohol available in this world.

One is to built or invent something, no matter how small, simple or naive it is but should be of some use to people.

To get laid before I’m 40. (I’m 31)