6 months ago

What's something new that you want to learn in 2019?

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in 2019, i want to Learn How to learn drawing/doodle art, with fundamental knowledge

Recently I have been interesting in art/doodling, since I think that I could benefit from this by being able to add little drawings to my personal notes. The problem is, that I don’t just want to learn a few doodles, but to also understand the theory behind it, so that i can „freestyle“ later on. I don’t need realistic drawings, but rather just the skills to turn my thoughts into drawings. Right now I suck at this and literally can’t do a basic fish, without looking at a template. So do any of you know some good Resources to learn doodle art? Do you maybe have some tips how to get into this?

I am learning Solidity and Ethereum Dapp development this year.

Here is a great resource I found to get started: Zastrin teaches you blockchain programming through real-world projects

I want to learn how to make my own non fungibles tokens, I have a fully fledged idea ready, it just need implementation. So I need to learn the ropes, and to put something together. Plus it would be fun and make me understand crypto’s more.

Thats 1 thing that I really want to learn his year!

I'd like to learn to program, specifically Python and C.

Want to learn how to meditate well

I would like to learn how to be a vegetarian cook/chef.

Professionally - I want to learn Product Management and become an exceptional Product Manager.

Personally - I want to learn a new language, probably Japanese.

I would want to learn dancing to be able to match steps with my wife !!!