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What's something schools don't teach but should?

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Coding! Take the cursive out of my kid’s curriculum, whatever. I’d much rather him learn modern skills like coding, computer science, and search engine techniques. If we want our kids to have solid life skills, they’ll need to understand their digital environment. THIS is their life. I wish i had coding class when i was a kid..
1. Survival Skills
2. Basic life skills like - swimming, self defence
3. Law
4. Latest technologies
5. Manners
6. Self exploration
7. To build a strong identity.
Here are some things that schools don’t teach but should:

  1. Grit or persistence.
The ability to set your goals and keep pushing them, dealing with failures and setbacks along the way, until you finally reach your goal. The ability to manage your time, your emotions and motivation

2.Housekeeping skills. The ability to function in modern society by keeping your house organised, clean and maintained. Knowing where your things are, what you should shop and how you should arrange your environment is crucial to keep chaos at bay.

3.Finance skills. The ability to make money, manage money, save and invest money. Knowing how taxes work, how typical contracts work, how insurance works and which ones you need, being able to manage typical paperwork.

4.Citizenship skills. The ability to deal with officials, with government agencies and offices. Understanding official language and common rules and regulations.

5.Relationship skills. The ability to network, to brand yourself, to present and to approach people. Knowing how to build, maintain and treasure relationships.

6.Technology skills. The ability to figure out, utilise and adapt current information technologies. Understanding how to keep up with and learn any future technologies. Critical reflection of the use of tools and what they do to us and to society at large.

7.Courage. The ability to act in spite of fear. Knowing how to fight for one’s beliefs, how to act with responsibility and authority. The ability to do so in an articulate and respectful manner.
Basic Law and Its Procedures

Because of unknown of Law and Procedures
Many people and who know law and its rabbit holes.. betray people who do not know about it.

If schools will teach the basic law that contains knowledge related to legal documentation, sales and purchase law, right of knowledge, employee rights, students rights, consumers law, etc. people will not need every time to take help of advocates who too take advantage of needy people.

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency
These Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency is one of the most important topic these days. But no school teaches it. We are taught about what xyz king did. Which war was organised where, why, when, who won, how many died. What is the climate and vegetation of xyz place. How does xyz bacteria respire, their structure, excretion. What will happen when xyz chemical is poured in xyz chemical. How sound wave passes through air. How do we see objects around us. What is the value of X multiples by y and added to z . But do they ever do any good if your higher studies is not about that subject. Do you even remember these things by the time you grow up? It would have been better if everything was taught but not in details. I am sure that even if schools teach everyone about Bitcoin in detail, still many will forget it. So better teach everything in less detail so that interested people can study about it. Bitcoin is the future of currency so everyone should be taught about this. I end my answer with one question to you. You use fiat money everyday, but how much was taught about it in your school (unless you took economics) ?
Cooking lesson should be teach to students.
Blockchain technology

Most people thinks that cryptocurrencies are "the next big thing" and "the new Internet", but I would say that the blockchain technology is the next big thing and schools should definitely teach kids about it. It doesn't have to be a mandatory class. It can be optional so anyone interested can apply. That reminds me when I went to school and we had optional class about IT. Of course everyone applied because we were interested in it. Now it's a mandatory class.
  1. Martial Arts should be a mandatory subject for girls..
  2. How to keep yourself from depression and also how to get out of it
  3. How and why should one have mutual respect and continual practice for the same.
  4. Meditation and yoga.

I think proper Sex Education should be there in every school.
1.Colleges and Schools are made to generate workforce. They do not teach how to follow your own path and your own dreams. It reaches how to be same and it prevents you from becoming totally different and achieve something extraordinary. Schools should accept all kinds of people and promote entrepreneurship.

2.Money- They teach economic s but don't teach basics about money