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What's the best foreign language movie you ever liked?

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"Life is Beautiful" starring  Roberto Benigni is my favourite Foreign language film. It is a poignant story of an open-minded Jewish librarian and his son who become victims of the Holocaust. He uses a perfect mixture of will, humor, and imagination to protect his son from the dangers around their camp.

It shows the optimism with which he lives his life and even leaves his son with a positive attitude. An amazing movie based in 1930 Italy. Must watch.

Not a movie, but the norweigan tv series called Skam, Also:

Train to Busan
Run lola Run
Elite - series
Money heist - Series
Pan's lybranith
The Hunt

Here are some of my personal favorites:
  • Let the Right One In. A bullied boy finds love/friendship with a vampire named Eli. Slow burning but wonderful.
  • Pan's Labyrinth. Dark fairy tale that takes place in the 1940s during a Spanish civil war.
  • We Are The Best!. Three teen girls decide to form a punk band and play in a local competition.
  • The Host. A fun Korean monster movie.
  • City of God - Top Stuff.
I'm not really into anime, but the original Ghost in the Shell: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt000000000113568/

It's really interesting how compared to western cinema, where this is reserved to lesser known, or auteur films, it raises complex technological and moral questions successfully to a mainstream audience. And not just that, but these questions are becoming more and more relevant each day, even though it is more than 20 years old at this point.
The Intouchables: 2011 French
IMDB rating: 8.5

This is a beautiful story about friendship between two very different personalities. A Parisian aristocrat, quadriplegic since a paragliding accident, hires a young man to be his live-in caretaker. Although very different the two men bond and develop a close friendship.
This question seems to be favouring those which don't speak english natively. I'm not sure but I have a feeling that this question meant to reveal us the movies that you wouldn't normally see. Now that many of us can just use English language movies there are plenty of widespread Hollywood movies to recommend.

I will try to expand it a bit by recommending a marvellous Japanese movie called "Kimi no na wa" (and in English: Your name) . It is an animated drama/fantasy film which is aesthetically speaking just stunning and plot wise is perfect example of Japanese way of doing love stories. Even Imdb which doesn't give good rating to anything gives this movie a whopping 8,4/10 . I strongly recommend to watch this no matter what your usual preferences are.

Shawshank Redemption is my most favorite movie. It is a must watch film. Morgan Freeman at his best.


Sin Nombre, was an interesting film about, what children migrants go through.
yojimbo - Akira Kurosawa 1961 - one of my favorites for sure. Aso seven samurai from a few tears before -1954
I had to look up the years of these films I didn’t just know that of the top of my head. Full disclosure haha
wveryone should check out the criterion collection on his films.
In Italy most films are imported from USA, and they are all dubbed. We have excellent voice actors but I still prefer original audio.

Princess Mononoke is a great film to be honest. It's a film from Hayao Miyazaki . I had to see this with dubbing, as the original language is Japanese.