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What's the best internet rabbit hole to go down?

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Lately, I’ve spent some of my free time reading the SCP wiki.

Link: SCP Foundation

The SCP Foundation is a (fictional) organization that dedicates itself to securing, containing, and protecting anomalous objects and lifeforms. They range from the mundane “safe” class objects, like a polaroid camera that shows a picture of what the person in the picture wishes they were doing (SCP-978), to the tricky “euclid” class objects, like an endless staircase that houses some unknown evil (SCP-087), to the outright dangerous “keter” class objects, like a girl impregnated with a demon that could very possibly end the world if we don’t keep [REDACTED] her (SCP-231).
The SCP articles are a must-read for any fan of psychological horror, or just good writing in general. There are thousands of these articles, along with a number of tales and other media, so it can keep you busy for a while.
The Dark Web

I used to read a lot on wikipedia and often you will find good connecting links which further connect something else and so on. Most of the times, I didn't had the clue from which I had originally started. If you haven't done so, I would recommend it to try sometime.
There used to be "Macromedia Flash Games" at a time
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Going on youtube loops where one video leads to another one and hours later you're like whoa what time is it? lol
The Internet Archives : https://archive.org/

This site is a treasure trove that most people either don't know about or have forgotten about.
Some of the great features and categories there are:

The Wayback Machine: explore 390 billion wepages for historical and current websites.
The audio archives and historical video archives is great too. Then this is the software archive that is the largest collection of historical software in the world. This include retro video games too.
Try this site here: Library of Babel
Basically it contains all the books ever and that will be written in the future, you only have to find them :D

It is inspired by The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges.
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