What's the best new app you discovered in 2018?

What's the one app which you discovered in 2018 and feel that others should know about it.

Originally posted by Shane Parrish (@farnamstreet) on Twitter.
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The best new app I discovered in 2018 would be the KARMA App .

Just like Masmic, Karma is also a blockchain-based social media that aims to disrupt the current social media setup where most if not all of them are centralized and doesn't reward us while profiting greatly from our own data/information.
KARMA is a dapp based on the EOS blockchai n and it is designed to incentivize users to do good in the world and receive KARMA for helping out mankind. It was founded by their CEO Dallash Rushing, who is very hands on in its development and even actively posts in the platform as well.
Right now, you can download it on Google Play Store or App Store for iOs.

Users earn karma by posting something related to doing good. Sometimes, it could just be anything under the sun and just caption something positive. Other users can like the post or they can also tip you KARMA directly. The UI is highly similar to that off Instagram and it's very easy to the eyes as the color is mainly a cool shade of green. 

The future is bright for this platform as there are still a lot of features that they are already working on at the time of writing. According to their medium, the features that are coming soon are:

- Direct Messaging — Message your friends directly
- Improved Profile & Wallet — Features to be announces
- Charity Integration — Discover awesome charities and help contribute
- Web Version — Release date will be announced soon
- Onboarding Without A Private Key — Details to be announced soon on this

Currently, 1 KARMA is worth $0.000210 USD or 0.00002966.