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What's the best way to spend $20?

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Break it into 10 pieces of $2 each
Now look for possible investment opportunities
1. Donate $2 (in Hindi, we call dashansh(1/10 of earnings) - for reaping benefits in life to come, giving mental peace & satisfaction)
2. Invest in MFs (SIPs)
3. Invest in RDs (monthly payment of $2)
4. Invest in Gold ETFs
5. Invest in T-bills
6. Invest in stock market (keep liquidity)
7. Invest in junk bonds

Remaining $6 spend on yourself & your family

I would go to the Carls Jr. 5 times and spend my $20 there. They have great burgers starts from $4 :)
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Spend it on something you have never done before and make it memorable. Sometimes we can find happiness in smallest of things.
Like onetime I spent ~5 on eating a delicious chocolate which I other never care to buy or once I spent on buying an expensive pen only to loose it few days later.
Do whatever but don’t regret it later!

$20 is not a big ammount of money and it wouldn't change anything in my life. So i can donate someone who needs $20..

Invest it on cryptocurrency
in my point of view i will donate it in some charity.
it's give me peace and divine happiness.
Spend it on crypto currency, you could get a diverse little portfolio of alt coins for $20!
i don’t know where else you could invest $29 and have it possibly really grow over time.
Take your girlfriend to the theme park
Buy Something in Bulk. As with most households, our family tends to go through certain items on a regular basis. ...
Add to Your Emergency Fund. ...
Buy Some Jumper Cables. ...
Start a Business. ...
Buy Some Flowers. ...
Clean Your Windows. ...
Buy a Personal Finance Book (and Read It!) ...
Directly Help a Person in Need.