What's the most underrated crypto project according to you?

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Nano, instant, fast and scalable
Basic Attention Token
BAT is a promising project. The team has significant experience in the tech industry, which is key to succeeding in the cryptocurrency space. The BAT token is a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, and users. The company does not encourage trading the tokens on any exchanges. Synonymous with BAT is the Brave browser, which seamlessly integrates with the BAT token. The browser can repel malware and protect the privacy of users while they surf the web. Citing the costs of data usage and energy that users face because of unwanted ads on their mobile devices, BAT addresses issues that many can relate to. It banks on the fact users will welcome a browser that blocks trackers and ads that sell their personal information. I would tend to agree.

Stellar, XLM
Stellar’s goal is providing a fast, efficient, and inexpensive service to individuals for cross-border payments. Unlike Ripple, however, Stellar is geared to individuals, not large institutions. Companies like Paypal currently dominate the online payment sector and charge around 5% in fees per transaction. In contrast, Stellar offers 5-second transaction speeds and low fees (e.g. the Tempo remittances dApp running on the Stellar blockchain can process 600,000 transactions for 0.01 USD). Importantly, Stellar is it does not use proof of work verification, which means it doesn’t have to deal with the energy consumption issue plaguing Bitcoin (instead of PoW it uses the Stellar Consensus Protocol). Finally, Stellar has established several partnerships with large tech companies, including IBM. For these reasons, I think Stellar has a great future.
TRONis a project that often makes headlines, and recently, whenever this happens, it is connected to a new project announcement, a new record being broken, or a new partnership being made. The project seems incapable of making a wrong move, and pretty much everything that Justin Sun decides to do ends up being a success. And still, TRX is not even among the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Its price is low, it’s market cap is below $1 billion, which is very unusual for a coin that has made so much progress during a single year.
TRON’s goal is to revolutionize the entertainment industry, as well as to decentralize the web. This is a huge mission, and probably very abstract in the mind of most people, which may be one explanation as to why TRX doesn’t get more attention. Still, the attention that it is getting is coming from a pretty dedicated community, which will likely ensure that TRON grows properly in time.

2. Monero (XMR)
Monero is the tenth largest coin by market cap, but many believe that this still means that it is very underrated. As many are undoubtedly already aware of, Monerois a privacy coin, which means that it is a secure, untraceable, and private digital currency. It is the only privacy coin in the top 10 cryptos, likely due to the fact that privacy coins, no matter how necessary, are usually frowned upon. Most people suspect them of being used for criminal activities due to their ability to hide transactions.
However, privacy coins like XMR are also great for protecting corporations’ secrets, freedom of speech, and provide regular users with privacy and anonymity, which is the right of every internet user. Monero has always depended on its community, ever since its very beginning. It was created through donations, and the community has always been the number one factor that was pushing its development. It has a price of $66.45 and a market cap of $1.1 billion.

3. NEO
Finally, the third pick when it comes to underrated coins is NEO. This has been one of the projects that had the potential to kill off Ethereum, according to the community. It was often considered to be EOS’ biggest rival when it comes to replacing ETH. NEO is currently ranked as 16th largest coin per market cap, with a price of $8.50 and a market cap of only $552 million.
This puts a huge difference between NEO and EOS, which has a market cap of $3.27 billion. NEO is also sometimes called Chinese Ethereum, due to the fact that it similar to ETH in essence, and that it is one of the coins that China particularly likes. It was believed that this will give it an edge over EOS once China becomes more crypto friendly. While this may be the case, it has yet to happen, and an event such as that might be all that NEO needs to get back in the game.
The project is dedicated to creating smart contracts and dApps, just like Ethereum is, but many would argue that NEO can do everything better, cheaper, and faster. Even so, the coin seems to be losing popularity and sinking to the depths of the market, one rank at the time.
I have one in mind. It is called Privatix(PRIX) and it is situated in the dVPN (decentralized VPN) market. I've compiled my points into a list:

  1. Marketcap of around 1 million.
  2. Public Beta on TESTNET. Soon public Beta in Mainnet. Windows, Mac, Linux. Then you can start earning PRIX by sharing your internet. For now you can try dVPN for free.
  3. No hype-marketing, videos, paid stunts, no nothing.
  4. in the dVPN business (decentralized VPN). VPN use in general is estimated to grow by a few billion USD in a few years time as censorship grows. One example estimation of VPN usage growth at: https://www.business2community.com/infographics/the-rise-in-vpn-usage-infographic-02113631
  5. Established company that didn’t sprung up in the crypto craze. Instead, it is a real company with real business and it survives in bear markets because it has its own money apart from ICO money.
  6. Company has a working normal VPN with around 1 million customers, and in the future they will include all of their 1 million customers to their new dVPN.
  7. They have a long experience in this field, proven track record of similar products.
  8. Total supply of only 1 275 455 PRIX. Meaning real scarcity. Later on as price increases there are 8 decimals to solve liquidity problems.
  9. Project started in around Q3 2017. Very active team delivering on their schedule.
  10. Only few competitors and one of them did 800 million marketcap in last bull run. And they didn’t even have an alpha back then. It goes to say that 100 million is achievable, possibly much more.
  11. Only in 3 mid to small size exchanges. And in purpose. They start to spread awareness of the project only when it is matured to a working product. They have a clear plan to execute.
  12. Real word usage outside of crypto. You will tap in to a new market outside of crypto. Meaning it is not only for speculators but it actually is of value to normal people and thus usage outside of ‘investors’ market.
  13. No need to teach people what it is and what its benefits are. You’ll find loads of projects which are too hard to understand for the average people. They are planning to make their dVPN to a few clicks simple usage UI. No need to teach people to like it.
  14. Open source program.
  15. Everybody can earn by sharing their internet. This is the way to drive true adoption and usage while getting word of mouth out.
  16. Patent pending in US for the technology.
  17. Fully decentralized software; meaning that their service is not dependent on any of their servers. Even if the company itself would vanish, the service would remain intact as long as Ethereum survives.
  18. Blockchain agnostic: they can easily switch blockchain should there be any need to do so.

This is my opinion on the matter. Very undervalued project and should do very well. I particularly like the fact that they're creating use case for the average joe. They don't rely on investors but users from all over the world, blockchain enthusiasts or not.

Cent, it is the best interactive social media crypto platform that rewards content creators with ETH and positive interaction.

It will be getting recognition and explosive growth this year.

Come visit and see for yourself, if you need an invite to join without waiting as it is still in beta, let me know here and we’ll work it out.
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I think it is OmiseGO .It had a lot of hype in Q4 2017 which died in 2018. Vitalik is still a part of it so I have a lot faith in it.

Other reasons to get a bag of OMG token:

  • EWallet update coming soon
  • Plasma public testnet
  • Dex acquisition
  • Coinbase listing
  • Conglomerate / partnerships announcement (buidl)
  • ALT run overdue, record lows on ETH ratio

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ADA could be a game changer if it rolls out as designed.

iota will be crucial as the iot become even more popular

xlm for fintech

nano for fast p2p transactions


it is the best competitor for Lightning Network, it's scalable, has almost instant transactions and its feeless: no miners at all. It uses Delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.
ODEM Blockchain, I think could be the most underrated project. https://odem.io
The price of high quality education, is out of reach for a large group of people.
A four year degree is also putting a great number of students, into debt for so many years after they finish.

The ODEM smart contract Blockahain could be a game changer for education and the world.

IOTA . The project I must say is bit ahead of it's time. We are still coming to terms with block chain. IOTA is based on tangle. It is focused towards micropayments. Many big companies such as BOSCH have shown interest in collaborating with IOTA foundation.
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