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What's the one scene that makes the whole movie worth it?

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There are many iconic movies whose scenes will never leave viewers subconscious, These are the scene that make the movie worth watching.

(here are some of my absolute all time favs)

1. The Dark Knight: Joker sticks his head out the window

2. The Lion King: Rafiki holds up little Simba

3. Fight Club:  Dictating the rules

4. Titanic: Jack drowns for Rose

5. The Matrix: Neo stops the bullets

6. Spiderman: Mary Jane kisses upside down Spiderman

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Scenes like :

1. Optimus Prime's ending fight.
2. Iron Man's suit helping him at critical error point.
3. Vin diesel does that wheelie with his challenger.

Basically the scenes that give us Hope and a bit of adrenaline rush !
Scarface End Scene
The scene where everyone thinks that the good guys are dead and may never return or almost defeated and everyone is sulking and looses hope cause we really feel hopeless but suddenly help comes and the bad guys are destroyed.

An example of this can be found in plenty in the trilogy of The Lord Of The Rings. The scene when the band in Rohan was almost defeated but all of a sudden Gandalf appeared with the Rohirims and trampled the orcs is one.

The scene when the army of Mordor almost took out Gondor is another. When all hope was lost, Aragon arrived with his army of undead and crushed the orcs in one giant wave of ghosts.

I really feel this is the time when you feel the movie is worth it.
Temper Movie (Telugu) Simba(Hindi)

In Hindi they have changed the plot to add space for Ajay Devagan and the whole story got messed up.

In Telugu Also the Whole film is Shit and full of Junk Comedies and Same old Love Comedies. The films changes in Second Half and Fight Sceene in Police Station is fabulous, it just gives the Kick that you missed whole film in just 20 sec.
Picturization of Constable Saluting SI is the Best.

SI in First Half

2nd Half Fight Watch from 9:40

The wolf of wall street 2013 - who had 2 or 3 scenes, these means they're unable to make the cut. Still that leaves one-scene wonders to make us laugh, cry, or scramble our brains in wonderment.
I guess the point where I get goosebumps, while watching the movie.
The highway chase scene with the Twins in The Matrix Reloaded .
Phoebe Cates "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" Pool Scene