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What's the secret to your happiness?

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Secret of my happiness......

  1. Love your work
  2. Don't compare yourself with other person. You have unique features which can not be compared with anyone else.
  3. Plan your budget or expenses as per.your earnings.
  4. Always keep adding in your knowledge as per market/job requirements. Keep upgrading yourself.
  5. Grab the opportunity to work differently with calculated risk.
With the changing world around us don't let your perspective stuck at one point. The key to my happiness is that I sit back and observe things which helps to change my perspective. It akes us wise and happy.
Live in present and don't worry about what has happened and what's going to happen.
Don't judge your emotions and be stoic whatever happens to u
Put yourself in someone else's shoes to experience better part of life

(Not physically)
Do something good for someone,help them,make them feel good.. And Forget that you did that!!!

Lack of expectation and nonchalance. That's all!
Death is the conclusion and everything that is happening now, good, bad or ugly will not matter after it. It will all fade eventually.

This understanding liberates the individual to the core.

Don't take anything seriously. You may die tomorrow. Make the night before death a joyous one.
My secret of Happiness is YOLO. You live only once.
Why spend it being sad?

Accept the fact that whatever happen in our life has a good objective. Then you will always remain HAPPY :)
2 rules

1. Wife is always right
2. Read rule number 1