What's the worst fitness related advice you've ever heard?

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Don't eat Ghee.
Ghee is the single most important source of HDL aka the good cholesterol. It has been known to clean the arteries of blockages.

Ghee has not been found to be the cause of weight gain in any of the studies conducted. In fact it has been linked with weight loss by improving thyroid function.

Ghee is an awesome multivitamin and guarantees a better eyesight, skin, gut, brain function and much more.

Ghee is lactose free.

Ghee is cool :D
So many.
  1. Do lots of situps or crunches to get abs. No! You can’t spot-reduce.
  2. Do half-squats to save your knees. No! You can use much more weight by not squatting to depth. The maximum knee shear is at 90° or halfway down. So you’re getting much more knee stress with less muscle stress. Lose-lose!
  3. Do stretching exercises to get long, lean muscles. No! Stretching will not change the shape of your muscles.
  4. Do exercises on an unstable surface to “engage your core”. No! Standing on a ball or something just makes the exercise riskier and prevents you from using as much weight and thus, becoming stronger.
“Eating less will stimulate your metabolism.”
“People say, ‘Well, I’m just not going to eat,'” says fitness trainer Latreal Mitchell. “Well, that’s the worst thing to do. I always tell people to looks at their metabolism as a fireplace: If you’re not putting wood in the fireplace, it stops burning. If it’s not burning, your body is just going to store fuel.”
That going to gym is the only way to achieve good body shape. I have never been to gym in my life. I exercise daily and running. It has kept me fit till now. Never felt the need to go gym.
Tarun Gill On YouTube - This Guy Says You can Get Six packs Easily. It doesn't matter If you are Just eating RICE.
If you keep on eating Rice and then workout. You cannot get packs for sure. You will be Slim and Healthy but Strength Training and Cardio all these are not Possible with just eating RICE.

Milk is the only source of calcium for vegans. Green Veggies and seeds are good sources of calcium than Diary Products.

Eat Chicken to get Packs Early

Truth - Fruits and Green Vegetables are good source of Protein and doesn't have FAT.
Anything related to supplements.
The worst fitness advice I heard . To sit back and do nothing. To let nature take it close.
I heard that eating rice is not good for the bodybuilders . But i know body need carbs which is need of body and health.
Get rock hard abs just by doing a set of crunches for three weeks. That is lame and stupid
Exercises a lot will make you lose large amount of weight,But unfortunately it does only little effect.You need to control you diet to see fast and better results.