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What's your favorite brand? Why?

Apple? Google? Any other?

What makes it your favorite brand?
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It has to be Coca Cola. The crazy part is that I don't even drink it that often, it has to do something with their commercials. I just cannot imagine Christmas without it, it feels as if I'm brainwashed :D They somehow made a connection to family and to holidays and I cannot distance myself from it.

I like Panini as well, in this fast world of constant innovation they managed to stick to something 'old' and not modify it much but still grow as a company. I am over 30 but still collect Panini albums and I will try to pass that tradition on. Having an old World cup album in your hand is something really unique.

In terms of Phone we don't have choice but to go for
1. Android Google phones
2. Apple is the best but it's crazy Costly.

Difference between Google and Apple.
For Apple their phones and Gadgets are Products.

For Google - Customer itself is a Product. They force you Use Inbuilt Google Apps.

Google knows what are your Choices better than your Wife. Ads are Crazy they always sell you ads.

Pure Cotton - Tailored

We Grow almost Everything needed for Home. Just depend on some Veggies and Masala products.

Car and bike - Every other Motor we have is of HONDA brand.

Other than that I have Old Diesel Engine Bullet( Royal Enfield). Haven't done any change to it except some Extra Stickering to It.

Nokia has always been my favourite brand. When we were kids it's Nokia black and white display or the ones will greenish yellow display which we grew up with. One phone served the whole family back then. It was quite durable. Battery lasted very long. The phone served it's purpose. Nobody makes phones like Nokia these days when it comes to durability. Though the Nokia brand has come back they are bit lacking in hardware specifications now. But still during old days, they used to bring to the market very unique designs. Their only mistake was they chose not to adopt android.
A very interesting question. I have to say I thought long and hard about it. The answer may be surprising, but I really like the store chain called Lidl.
They are a German company that has relatively cheap supermarkets with products of very good quality for the price. They source a lot of their items from local manufacturers, and since I live in a country where the climate is good and there is not much GMO food, they have very good food.
In addition to this, they have various products, such as tech, and they are also quite inexpensive and so far work well.
The best thing about them is that they have same prices in the entire country, and before they came certain part were much more expensive.
I visit the store every week, and it has greatly improved my quality of life. :)
I used to think that Google was the best of the best and a good company, but now I'm starting to think that they are not the good guys.
With Apple it's the same.

I really like SpaceX to be honest, they are revolutionizing the space industry and this is really exciting.
I like Fjallraven, but only from an esthetic point of view.
Well i have to mention, its a little broad of a question.

I have favorite electronics brands-
smartphones - Apple
cameras - Lieca
Shoes- New Balance
Grocery chain - Whole foods (I prefer to eat non GMO and organic when possible, and i prefer farmers markets but thats not a brand.
The list could keep going....
If I had to list an all-time lifelong favorite, based on product use.
I think it it would be a toss up between nintendo, apple, and sony.
Google , if I am going somewhere and I don’t know the exact location, Google Maps will come to the rescue.
If I don’t know something and want to know about it, Google search engine will do it for me.
I know there are many other alternatives for Gmail and Google drive, but most of us use Gmail for email purposes.
From the moment I woke up in the morning till I go to bed, Google is the most used brand by me. I know this is the same for most of the people in the world. They are being innovative and continuously upgrading themselves. They had made many disruptive innovations that changed the whole scenario of how things were done earlier.
Samsung has been the best brand for me. Their phones are not too costly and have good resale value.
Always been fan of apple products but they are very costly
Google because its very easy to used and u can find all the information in there.and its like a walking encyclopedia now a days.
ill go for OPPO, because the camera is clear and has a nice feature, fast charging, long lasting battery, and has durability.