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What's your favourite hobby?

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You start out with a 20-50 $/€ kit, and it gets progressively more expensive from there (I've seen kits going up to several thousands, and actual launchers have launch-costs up to 500M $/€, sometimes even more!). I've launched extremely small stuff in the past, but after going to University last year and joining a rocket student society, I finally built and launched something mildly impressive (budget was 75 $/€, without engine or electronics. With them it would've probably been about 100 $/€) , although the launch didn't exactly go to plan.

The best way to start out is just to buy a simple ESTES kit and go from there. Please find out what your local law states on model rockets, as you can't just go out and about launching stuff.

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My hobbies are reading, writing, and listening to music (is that a hobby??)

I’ve always liked reading. Mostly fantasy and fiction.

From that, I found that I liked writing, too. One day I just thought: “Hey, why don’t I write my own stories?”

Music!!!! I play the piano, flute, and the xylophone, so I like to make music too. However, listening to music calms me down and makes me happy. I mostly listen to Kpop, my favorite music style, but I also like a few classical pieces. And just regular pop and hip hop music.

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Born and brought up in a middle class family with a very average schooling, having a hobby was never emphasized by my parents or my school. Growing up, post college, I developed an interest in Value investing.

Advantages of this hobby:

1) Keeps me in tune with what's happening in the economy

2) Helps me make more money

3) Helps me in my profession as well

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My favourite hobby right now has been playing bass guitar. Me and my friend are keen supporters of older rock n roll and progressive rock and we would always listen to such music when together. He has already been playing guitar and piano for a decade, so he knows what he is doing. Anyway, one evening we got together and I decided to tell an idea of mine with my voice. He picked it up, started playing and asking if this was right, or if that was right until it was the same as I envisioned. We quickly turned it into an interesting song, made lyrics for it and soon we had the first song.

Just a little later I decided that if we are going to make any more songs I should learn how to play bass so we could play together and make songs by actually playing away and going for it. I borrowed his bass guitar and he borrowed my old electric guitar and we've been playing eversince. Its been a year and we are at 12 songs/demos as of now. Such a magical hobby. It feels so different to make music than write something. The creative process itself is more mysterious. You start up with something you like, you build up on it, your friend adds to it and soon both of you are amazed at what came about from basically thin air. That is the beauty of it. And of course all those longs nights playing together.

Creating. Whether it's painting, making music or writing, one of the most meditative experiences is bringing something to life that doesn't exist yet. It also doesn't take anything to do, you can just start and get better each time.


My favourite hobbies are:

Hiking nature trails and the coast

Riding motorcycles


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hiking. Living in a city makes it easy to forget the outside world but even spending just a few hours out in the woods can set your head right

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My favourite hobby reading news paper playing cricket, football,online games,fantasy cricket game many more..

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There are a few:

Sports - a great way to get rid of stress and extra energy and to keep yourself healthy.

Games - they keep your mind away and let you be someone else and somewhere else. They are fun and exciting.

Travelling - exploring new locations and meeting new cultures is really a rewarding experience.


Playing computer games. However, I am already confused at this point on whether it is still a hobby or it is already my life.

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