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What's your favourite productivity hack?

Any productivity hack which works well for you?
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  • Resting is as important as working (I nap a lot more. If I'm not working, I try to completely forget about work)
  • Simplify. If I'm procrastinating/stuck, break a task into simpler sub-tasks
  • Produce something shitty and iterate/improve on it.
  • Prioritize. Say no to everything that's not critical; pick the most important task and get that one thing done each day
  • Track pomodoros or units of work completed

Great music always boosts productivity for me.
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10 min Meditation before starting any work at home.
40 minutes work and 5 min rest in Office.
A handful of things help me de-stress and enhance my productivity while infusing a little bit of creativity also:

  1. Watching a documentary / biography of something/ someone of immense importance to this world.
  2. Trying my hand at something absolutely new
  3. Talk to a friend with whom I hadn't spoken for ages
  4. Workout. Period.
Devoting atleast an hour daily to reading (excluding newspaper/online news reading). The compounding effects are quite positive.
1. By staying curious about the work to be done.
2. Or else if the nature of work is repetitive, some other creative work/art can be performed ( hobby) that can make one feel energized and boost confidence.
3. Else simply listen favourite music that can help one forget all the worries.
Most important thing for me - working without stress. Stress kills productivity, so I try not to worry too much about the outcome and just do the best I can.

Prioritizing is really important as well, some things can be done in 'cruise' mode so do these when you are tired.
The pomodoro technique is the biggest thing - I work in twenty five minute sprints and then rest for five minutes. That means walking away from my computer for the full five minutes. Lets me get into flow state quickly and efficiently.
This is best merged with some sort of music, vocal trance is my goto. I find I start typing in time to the beat, so it's best to pick something fast paced!
During my breaks I make sure I really move. Sometimes I dance, sometimes I grab a snack, sometimes I stretch. Usually I use the washroom (since I don't during the sprint).
I also make sure that every fourth break is longer, like fifteen minutes - and at least one full half hour per session.
The dice roll/coin flip trick

Whenever you have a hard time deciding about something. Assign your choices to numbers 1-6 or heads/tails then what ever the dice/coin lands on is your decision. Really prevents choice paralysis.
I always try to start a new assignment fresh, so, I take at time for the most important things first in the morning as I am most energetic and focussed then. It helps in getting a great start.