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What's your favourite TV series and why?

Preferably just one - your absolute favorite!!
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Da vinci's demons

Follows Leonardo Da Vinci during his early days in Florence, as a young artist, inventor and dreamer, trying to change the future.

If you have not watched it, It is worth the time.
Cast is amazing, also direction is awesome.
Selecting one is injustice to others. Out of all of them I like Fringe the most.

Best Sci-Fi show ever. All the weird science experiments that we can think of are shown in this show. The show is unpredictable, full of suspense and tons of scientific experiments. It has a great story and every episode is unique in certain way. Once you see it you will get hooked.
You can watch it here on Amazon Prime - Fringe
My favourite TV Series is the Big Bang Theory - Its all about comedy and glorious laughs after a hard days work. And this one has never failed to bring a burst of hearty laugh!! Just helps us stay happy and sleep well at night.

Will go on a limb to add another Ancient Aliens - its a series on History Channel. I have always believed that extra terrestrials have visited and created a lot of things in the past. This series gives a lot of credibility to the theory that Ancient astronauts have taught humans great technologies in the past and maybe are still guiding us. A seriously off-beat series.
The Kapil Sharma Show

He is the best standup comedian and his sense of humor is unbeatable.

His show is different from that of other's, because he doesn't purely delivers the dialogues given to him. He adds his own in between, making the conversation more interesting and lively. His creative thinking and spontaneity have helped this show to become one of the most likable and viewed programmes on TV.

I watch this show with my entire family and that too without fail every Saturday and Sunday

' 13 reasons why ' on Netflix

You got to watch to it know why !
Game Of Thrones. I am a sucker for anything dragons.
My All Time Favorite TV Series is The Vampire Diaries. I watched Vampire Diaries from pilot to last episode.The storyline, Intense obsession of Vampirism,Werewolves theory explains it all. All the characters (specially Ian Somerhalder's character as Damon Salvatore) makes this show even more heart-throbbing ;)

White collar; a heist almost every episode!
Banged up abroad. Don't know why I like it lol
That 70s Show

This series has an amazing cast and is quite unlike other sitcoms. I bumped into this series by chance and just loved every episode of it.