What's your honest first impression of Masmic.com?

  • What do you like about it?
  • What do you dislike about it?
  • Can you see yourself coming on Masmic regularly?
  • Would you talk about Masmic among your friends?
  • Do you think Masmic could be the first big global crypto utlity product after Steemit?
  • What are the most confusing aspects of using Masmic?
  • What other questions should we address in Masmic FAQs section? (Masmic FAQs - masmic.zendesk.com)

Tell us everything! :)
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  • Convenient, easy to use, transparent and the novel approach towards solving for effective global crowdsourcing

  • Dislike would be a strong word at this time as masmic is in beta and one agrees that it will be needing lots of improvements. Some of them which i can think of now - actionable notifications, new bounty notifications on interested channels, and some UI improvements,

  • Completely. Though it can be an initial excitement too but I definitely see Masmic as a complementary digital platform to the ones which I regularly use like reddit, quora, medium, etc.

  • Yeah but doubtful of those who are apprehensive of cryptocurrencies.

  • Yeah, it certainly has all the requirements but team must have to create a strong awareness program and regularly coming up with cool features

  • Voting mechanism (though I have not yet finished reading about it on your FAQ), reward distribution details after the bounty has ended.

  • I have not yet gone through all the FAQs, so someone else can better contribute on this.
  • I love Masmic because it uses crypto and how easy it is to start a bounty program.
  • I think it'll be great if you fix some UI bugs, like if I hit back rn (using phone) it'll exit the website instead I have to click the blue button on screen that's annoying also I have no clue how to paste links in answers I tried my best still can't figure out, link icon next to italic button doesn't seem to work (using phone).Best way to display reward : 10XLM (1$)
  • Okay this is the main problem unless I receive email or telegram message I don't actually enter masmic.com in browser to visit the site. It'll be great idea if you send push notifications in browser or start a telegram channel/bot which sends daily trending or top questions. Also name is quite hard to remember maybe that's one of the reason.Also name is quite hard to remember maybe that's one of the reason.
  • Yes, definitely
  • Yes, but please don't start ICO!!
  • The most confusing thing I found about the site is rewards! For example this question has reward of 50 XLM and 10 rewards. Does that mean 50 XLM/reward or it'll be split among 10 winners?
  • Questions like if creator of bounty can later modify/cancel it or not. And if any steps are taken to stop bad players and upvote manipulators and also add questions relating to refferal program. I just got YOUR YOUR ANSWER IS TOO BIG ! I don't know what's the limit!

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I really like the idea behind the project, the fact that people that support knowledge can be rewarded. The layout is great and I think it can really be one of the first good and useful use case for cryptocurrencies. I found a bag using Masmic on iOS: the cursor is not in the right place when I type. I will promote this project for sure with friends and relatives, it can be a great example to expose the power of cryptocurrencies and introduce people to them.

p.s Stellar is a great digital currency but I suggest to explore other instant and above all feeless like Nano. With future updates it will manage a great amount of transactions per second. Its community is really supportive and Masmic will benefits by adopting it.
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Very nice concept using Stellar network for micro-payments. There are still bugs in the website, hope it will be more stable with time.
  • Quite simple and easy to use. Somewhat addictive too.
  • I want some changes in UI. Minimal ones though.
  • Definitely !
  • Yes I would. Waiting for the Launch!
  • I have no idea of what you're talking about as this is the 1st product in this genre I've seen.
  • It would be good to teach something about crypto as newbies like me dont have a single clue on how crypto works. The product and its idea is good though. That doesn't require much explaination.

Quite a seamless interface.

It's like a discussion forum with some interesting new features such as crypto rewards etc.

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In minmal words: Something really new
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Very interesting concept.

  • UI could be a bit better, not a big fan of the card/grid layout. Would prefer more of a Quora like format
  • Not a lot of questions (Can easily improve with more users)
  • I would like the questions to be categorized
  • Better guidelines on how to use Masmic overall
Masmic.com is a replacement of Quora with integrated XLM network to enable micropayments to reward the participants for a better quality of contents.
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1. Of course Reward for Every Best Answer is Good way.
2. Masmic is Very Simple. UI is Good to Start With.
3. NO ads is a Motivation to Use it more.
4. Anonymous Answer.
5. Transparency of how System is Operated.

1. Very Simple UI yet Needs More Improvement.
2. there is Need for Edit Option for Answers Written because some may make Mistakes.
3. People like Build Profile and Reputation with the advice they Provide, so please make a may for users to Build their Profile.