What's your opinion on alcohol consumption?

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In this world people are most addicted to two things Alcohol and Smoking ( Tobacco).

Alcohol affects almost all parts of the body although Lever is able to Digest only small amount of Alcohol after that it leads to effect the Central Nervous System. So people people start to act weird and loose control over their body after Drink.
How acohol affects you depends on your age, race, ethnicity and how strong you are built.

A certain limit of Alcohol consumption will act as anti depressant, so only 2 drinks for men and 1drink for women is advisied so that so people harmony between their mind and Body.

Problem :
The problem is not in the alcohol but various chemicals are added to it to increase it's Shelf life and to give more KICK than normal Alcohol.

Natural Coconut Alcohol :

Extraction of Soul Liquid from the braches that yeild Coconut is the best source of alcohol. Drinking it every morning (within limit) before Sunrise increases your Vitality, Agility and Nervous System functions.
After sunrise it starts to effect your brain so not advised to drink in after sunrise.

As usual in life it is a decision to drink or not to drink alcohol. Every reasonable adult knows its risks, possible benefits and is aware of the effects it causes - good or bad. For me I don't mind me or other people drinking and why should I, it is completely their own business. However, should their alcohol consumption affect others around them, then it is a problem and of interest to others as well. I apply this same ideology to almost anything that you consume that is potentially dangerous but sometimes fun to do: if the only one suffering from it is you, it is not a concern for me.

Of course it is sometimes hard to distinguish if someone caused problems to others while for example drinking. But that is a matter of another debate. In terms of amounts that you should or shouldn't drink, I would advice you to turn to scientific researches on the topic and then use common sense and decide what is good for you and what isn't. Keep in mind, these recommendations vary depending on the country. For me, I like to have fun over recommendations once a month and otherwise either not drink or drink one at the weekend. It's as simple as that.
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Most of the time people drink to alter their state of mind. Essentially they want to feel different. An alternative to alcohol consumption, is to surround yourself with positive people. Another option is to move. This does need to be intensive exercise. Just a brisk nature walk can help.

The point is to do something positive that can also change the way you feel.
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There are 3 types of categories of people who consume alcohol:

  1. Those who drinks when happy : They say they drink because it helps them be more carefree and enjoy the moment, basically it amplifies there happiness. What has happened to us? In order to amplify out happiness, in order to truly enjoy any occasion, we need an external booster. Wasn't it supposed to come naturally out of us?
  2. Those who drinks when sad (emotional) : Similarly , when people feel uneasy and emotionally wrecked, they are weak enough to address their problem. So to them, the easy solution again is consumption of alcohol, which helps them release there mental stress and the weird part is it helps them to show their grief. We are suffering,how is it difficult to show our pain,to mourn over something without alcohol?
  3. Those who drinks just like that - a proper addiction : Again it starts with occasion wise drinking habits as mentioned above and later it takes over our life and emotions and we loose control of everything.

So basically, we are consuming alcohols for all those activities which should ideally be naturally occurring as a part of basic human nature. Strange!!
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I don’t really drink and I have never been much of a drinker. I hate the taste of beer and I don’t go to bars. This makes me different from much of the population and I am sure I’ve missed out on many good times as a result.
This does not mean I haven’t had my share of “head in the bucket” experiences and morning hangovers where I wished I was dead. I have, usually when I was in college. Perhaps that’s one reason that I stay away from the booze. I just cannot stand the way I feel the next day and so I avoid it by not drinking. At parties I always carried a bottle of 151 Rum to make it look like I was a drunk but I rarely took a swig, though I offered them freely. I had a joint over either ear and one in my mouth and a big bottle of booze in my hand and it was all fake. I was almost always stone cold sober. But it was the only way to fit in and get girls.
In addition, my grandfather was a hardcore drunk who ruined his life and his family through his drinking and violent temper that arose as a result of the drinking. He bled out on the operating table while they were operating on his cirrhotic liver. I never want to be like that. What a monumental waste.
Any addiction is a bad thing, whether it’s booze or even coffee. People choose their poison. I find it curious that cops will work all night to catch drug peddlers and drink huge quantities of coffee to stay awake to do it. It’s ok to do drugs, and caffeine is a drug, if it’s been legal a long time, but we must crack down hard on illegal drug vendors selling harder versions of drugs. This is made even more curious when alcohol is the most dangerous, most vicious, most destructive drug of all time and has caused more misery, accidents, violence, and death than all the other drugs combined.
Because I don’t often drink it’s difficult for me to be in a crowd of people who are drinking. I will take a drink to fit in with them but I will not pound it or drink it fast or drink many and as I stand there sober, everyone around me starts to get louder, more erratic, more flamboyant or more depressed and angry, more sexual and suggestive or belligerent or more expansive. The longer the night goes on, the more pronounced those actions become. And I remain the observer, uncomfortable, apart, a stranger. And people resent that too. They want you to be like them, to be impaired, to “join the fun” and they think I am being judgemental (which maybe I am, though I try not to be). It’s very easy to take advantage of drunk women in clubs, bars and parties when you’re stone cold sober but I don’t do it. It seems wrong to me.
I frequently wish I was like everyone else. I want to be a drunken slob screaming at the Celtics while clutching a Bud with everyone else and puking in some corner later. I want to be accepted and slapped on the back when I burp loudly and grab some drunk girl’s tits as she walks by. I would love to be part of the ‘in crowd’ where all it takes is a few Manhattans or Vodka Martinis to make it ok to create drama by making a pass at a friend’s wife or getting behind the wheel and just barely making it home without killing anyone. People say these things are wrong, bad, evil - and yet they go on all the time and the people who do them are just “one of the guys” or “part of the team” when they take another beer from the cooler on Third Base at the company softball team. They fear being judged so they judge me. All the time. “Have another drink,” I am often encouraged, “You’re barely keeping up.” And if I order a Diet Coke, the looks of derision or contempt are almost palpable. The assumption is that I’m an alcoholic so I have to drink Diet Coke. No one says anything but you can see it on their faces. Is he a drunk? Why doesn’t he order a beer like us? When I started out in business I was specifically told that I could NEVER order a Diet Coke on a business meeting. The customers want to drink booze, so you drink booze with them. My drink of choice was the Rusty Nail with Chivas. I actually came to like it when I was on the road and if I ever drink one now it always brings me back to dozens of nightclubs, bars, expensive restaurants. strip joints and customer visits where we all got drunk in an attempt to separate the customer from his money. I was admonished numerous times to “drink when the customer drinks”. I never really liked it.
And I am a rather diffident drunk. On various days I can either be morose or agitated. Unless I am trying to score on a drunk girl my drunken behavior is unpredictable. I don’t like thinking about it the next day. It makes me ashamed of myself. I hate that feeling of losing control, of saying and doing things I regret, of having to make the humiliating phone calls of apology - or embarrassed laughter where people say things like “You should have seen yourself last night!” In my younger days, when I was drunk, they called me, “Professor Irwin Corey” after a character on Johnny Carson.
The last time I was drunk was the end for me. It was in August, 2005. I had been invited to the Ritz Carlton in Boston by a new group of friends I was developing. I was still rich then and I drove in to town in a white sport coat and navy tie, still in rather good shape from years of working out and looking like Roger Moore as James Bond as I flipped the keys to the valet and sauntered into the bar. Grey Goose vodka on ice was 15 dollars a glass and they disappeared like spring water. The person who introduced me to this group was a girl who liked me but whom I didn’t care for - I was more attracted to her friend and as the night went on, my hands were roaming all over that woman’s body while the one who liked me felt ignored and increasingly angry. There was fun and laughter as the crowd in the bar grew and I was all over that poor girl and as she got drunker and I got drunker it became more brazen and risky until the girl who brought me had a meltdown and in embarrassment we all left, at about midnight. I was shitfaced out of my mind but that didn’t stop me from getting in my Mercedes with the top down and blazing down the empty expressway at over 100MPH - while standing up with my head over the windshield and singing out loud. And after all that I never saw those people again. The girl I was molesting all night was happy to do it at the time - but mortified the next day and of course I was the bad guy, a lecher and a drunk.
The next day I was mortified at myself, for all of it. And never again would I have more than two drinks. One is my limit now, two if really pushed. I don’t care what people think of me when I get Diet Coke; even on dates, women sometimes look askance when they get their Pinot Grigio and I order the Diet Coke. They WANT me to get a drink. They seem guilty that they got one and I didn’t, either because it’s expensive and I’m paying or they are afraid I’m a drunk who can’t handle booze or maybe that expect some communion in the alcohol. Some even ask why.
So my opinions and ideas about alcohol are complicated and conflicting. I keep some liquor in my house for guests but I rarely, if ever, drink it myself. If I feel the need to fit in, I put a flask of good brandy, rum or scotch in my suit coat pocket and pass it around, especially at certain events. Somehow, people think you are cool if you sneak a bottle of brandy into a Pats game at Gillette stadium by putting it in your glove and holding your hands above your head when they pat you down. They never check the gloves. Or when you’re able to sneak in a gallon of Vodka onto a cruise ship. They clap you on the back - you’re one of the guys. But pop open that Diet Coke and you’re a pariah. They think you think you’re better than they are or are judging them. I’m not. But I see them and I see them change while I remain sober.
In a world where almost everyone drinks and you don’t, you’re the bad guy, or the odd ball and people don’t like that. They want everyone to be at their level and booze is the great leveler.
Everything is poison if taken in the wrong dosage; including water. Some years back I was shocked to hear that a woman died from drinking too much water. She participated in a contest to “hold your wee for a wii”. The point of the contest was to see how much water you could drink without going to the bathroom. Whoever, drank the most won a Nintendo Wii. A woman participating in the contest died of water intoxication. Woman dies after water-drinking contest
Of course this is an extreme example but my point is that the human body needs everything in moderation to be healthy; even water. It is a well known fact that alcohol overdoses do happen and people do shorten their life spans from drinking. Some people become addicted to it and ruin their lives by their compulsive behavior. However, alcohol is not a poison like anthrax or rat poison. In moderation it is not harmful and does have health benefits.
In moderation alcohol may prevent heart disease, strokes and diabetes. Beer is also known to prevent kidney stones and red wine in particular is said to be good for the heart.
I am not advising anyone to start drinking for the health benefits, but if you drink in moderation and are not addicted there is no reason to stop.
I find alcohol enjoyable, but it is nothing to make a big deal about either. A mild buzz is enjoyable and I enjoy the taste of beer. Most people who have had a few are more talkative and goofy. It is fun. Have I seen people be drunken jerks too? Yes. But for the most part everyone is just having a good time.
Everything is bad in excess. I don’t mind a drink every now and then but don’t let it be a crutch
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It's called 'spirits' for a reason. The spirit of alcohol possesses you to do things you wouldn't normally do, mythologically speaking. Most can't control it - ask them, and they always say 'it's fine'. But that's not them. It's the alcohol 'spirit' talking. You can tell as these individuals drink very frequently. I don't drink any more, I can't control it. The amount of time and money wasted on alcohol among young people is absolutely obscene.
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My opinion is do it recreationally. Dont let it ruin your life.
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It's ok in moderation. But too much of it isn't good. There needs to be more education about it to stop the drunk driving epidemic we're having
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