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What's your story?

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I am 34 year old Journal Manager of a top scientific journal publishing company. That's decent right?

Wrong. My job is offsite and outsourced to a supplier in the Philippines. I am earning ~$12 a day. Yes, a DAY and have to work 6 days a week. That is slave labor if you think of it.

This is not even a joke of a job. At some point I handled 9 journals that communicates regularly with Editors (some are from Harvard, Emory and Uni of California). I got my name published in Editorial Boards and Acknowledgment publications so I have a definite proof of my tenure on this job.

This is just my latest story and should be an enough overview on what a 'decent' life means in a 3rd world country.
I'm a man of many stories. Everybody has their unique story and all of it counts. To you, to somebody else close to you and to the world itself. We often think that we are of no importance in this world. How ever, how is it still that many people came out of nowhere to change the world in ways one thought wasn't possible? Even the smallest decision you make will affect the things and people around you. Do not forget that.

Now, when somebody asks a question like this, the first answer that comes to mind is the same as what you do on your social-distorted-media that you use: you brag about something that is going good for you. If I were to be that person I would tell you that I've always had a good luck with girls, I've always had a girlfriend, I've travelled to many different countries, lived in three different countries and have a great family around. This is probably the positive side of it that you can boast about, that is somehow social media worthy.

Then, comes the negative side that you never tell to anyone on a social media. That when I was younger some random stranger tried to stab me to death, that even after master's degree I'm stuck with unemployment. Here are some of the negative sides.

All of these things and many more make your story. I'm a man of many stories and this just scratched a surface of all the things that ever happened during this relatively short existence. I know that you all have some stuff that you like to share and some that you don't. Every story matters as much as the ones before or the ones after.

Now, you know something of me; yet still a story that I chose to tell. What do you think, would your perception change if I told you the things that read between the lines? Do not judge a book by its covers. By this narrow view you'll surely get the wrong idea. Only thing that remains a certainty is that this story is written every day for better or for worse. Let's try and enjoy it, shall we?
A tech, media, and nature ethusiast looking for my true purpose in live. I'm looking to surround myself with good people who understand different, but positive perspectives of the world.

Of course we all looking to have a great time in life, and also leave a lasting change on the community around us.
I try to do this by learning as much as I can, about a number of interesting topic. Then pursuing related projects, and exposing other to any positive results.
Finding a tremendous amount of meaning in life through hardships and suffering. 
See the book Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl. 
I am a 44 year old trade and medicine shop owner. I trade in crypto, stocks and medicines. My crypto trades often end up in loss. My stock trades often end up in zero and my medicine trades are there to ballance them. I also have a wide and a son
I live in deams . sometimes it is difficult for me thing happened is real or it just happened in dreams. Good part of it is I live best life even if in reality I am not. Hope I make both the ends meet one day . I am working on it.
I belongs to middle class family, i have lots of dreams and desires which i can't fulfill because of my family's financial situation!
I have to work so hard and continues learning which make me far different from other and i want to learn and earn more so i can fullfil all dreams of my family and me as well
A loving husband and a father of five. I really like sports and music a lot. Sometimes I even like to fish. I am an easy going person and am always optimistic towards life. I dont enjoy travel very much but I sometimes do especially when it is with my family