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What's your view on work-life balance in professional life?

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So I guess I would restate the obvious.
Do we work to live, or do we live to work?

In a perfect world, work life balance would be 30:70.
We would share a position with two other people. Of course we would have a small overlap in the hours we work. This would be done to communicate to the others. ideally working remotely would be part of this if possible.

Mostly of all, we would work, any time of day that is best for us. The only thing that should matter is meeting basic time requirements.
I believe in keeping the two separate, with a greater focus on personal life (family.) Someone once told me that "when you die, your job will posted before your obituary." I believe in being completely focused on my work, during my assigned hours, but the rest of that time belongs to my family.
It sounds well but keeping work life balance in private jobs where you need to keep a pace with growth and ever increasing competition, becoming very difficult specially in India. The mind set of Indian client is like they have like outsourcing of work means they have bought service provider company's team and they can ask for everything anytime. Indian job culture is not supporting work-life balance as per my experience .
I have a 6-day work week and I need to spend time for online extras because it is never enough. Work-life balance is a benefit for people who either earn a lot more than most or work only in about 4 days a week.
Personally I think "work-life" balance is a negative word. When you start contrasting between two things then you are considering one to be negative over the other. Which in this case is work. If you are passionate about a thing then how can it not be a part of you life.

But let's get back to the question. I really follow the 8 hours schedule, which is, only work for others for just 8 hours per day, save the rest of the time for yourself, be it be your family, friends or a startup that you are working on or it can be just alligatoring around.
Very important to have a good work life balance. Not everyone loves their job and that's fine as long as it empowers them to do what they do love. But in order to do that, you need to make time to do what you love. If you love your job, then all the more power to you.