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What should be most immediately improved in Masmic?

What part of your Masmic experience should be at the highest priority for improvement?
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Layout should be improved but not revolutionized, I like the idea of questions inside the boxes. What do you think about using a cloud of panels of different sizes that can be explored by passing over them with the mouse?

While you are writing an answer, if you press with the mouse outside the field of the answer (in the left and right blurred part) you are redirected to the home page, resulting in the loss of everything you wrote. This is really frustrating

Notifications should lead somewhere when you press on them.

Payment system should work without hesitation. I find that if REDEEM button is used to pay for a new bounty it will send twice the amount, leading to a loss equal to the amount fixed for rewards.

Ease of cheating : at the moment is easy to fool the platform by agreeing outside of it on which response to vote.I am sure that as the number of participants increases, this practice will be obstructed, given the greater number of votes, but it would be useful if someone checks the votes and intervenes if he notice irregularities.

A button for reports would be useful. I'm sure you will find people eager to moderate the platform.

We should have a ranking system so as not to encourage account farming. In this way, in the future, the best authors will be able to receive honours as well as payments through XLM. More than one person would be happy to participate in the projetc with their own name and not in anonymous form.

We should increase the 50 char limit in comments.

When someone reply to one of your bounties, a notification with his name is sent. This way it's easy to link answers and account .

Flag - T o report the Odd Answers.

Downvote - Like Upvoting Downvoting should be priority too.

Notification - Please make Notifications Link lead directly to questions that answered. I have asked this in Group too.

Editing Answers - Ability to Add Points to the already answered Question. I forget to add points which makes to think it.

Night Mode - Night Mode helps a lot.

Adding Image - As i said before in Group Adding images piles up at last, which is not a immediate required but surely required.

Cursor Movement - Cursor Movement makes Home page movement in background. It's better to disable movement.

AutoPayment is not working but it's not an immediate requirement.

Ranking System - I know System is still in Beta Testing but ranking system helps recognise and Trust good Authors.

Frankly, a lot. :) :P
The layout of the website is a bit ugly and rudimentary. A night theme would be great. Also, different layout option, such as a detail view, where each question is in a thin line, like Windows has it. Currently, it is not clear whether the amount of reward is divided among all who answers, or if for instance 4 dollars is given out for 4 replies, do the top replies each get a dollar. That needs to be clearer. These are just some of the things of the top of my head.
The UI is clunky and needs polishing. The popup window is unnecessary. i would personally prefer if it went to its own page/area. Rewards, upvoting, and payment need to be more clear as well.
The Voting.
The payments
Lots of things have already been fixed :)

One quick fix : At home page, when we click on Masmic Logo , it is not refreshing the page and hence we need to go to the URL and refresh the page. While when we are on other page and clicking on the Logo, it is redirecting it to home page.
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The user interface is kinda boring. I'm not a fan of the card format.
I think you should allow people embed videos.