What skill takes <10 minutes to learn that everyone should know how to do?

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Learn to change a tire
Learn How to Tie a Tie
CPR and the Abdominal thrust aka Heimlich maneuver..
The “X% of Y = Y% of X” Rule*

Using the scenarios above, trying to figure out how much you can save with 40% off of a ₹75 order is a bit tricky upfront. 

Yet when you reverse it using the X% of Y = Y% of X rule, it gets easier. 

For example, 75% of 40 is simply asking for 3/4 of 40, which we know is 30.

Since we now know that 75% of 40 is equal to 30 , we also know that 40% of ₹75 is equal to 30.

Simple right? Here’s another example: 

Store: “We currently have a special clearance where you can save 60% off of a ₹300 order of clothes!”

You: “Well, I know that X% of Y = Y% of X.

Why calculate 60% of ₹300, when I can just calculate 300% of 60?

After all, 300% is just multiplying 60 by 3. This gives me 180.

And just like that, I now know that 60% of a ₹300 order would save me ₹180.”

Another, more common example:

Store: “Hey customer, order ₹50 worth of stuff now and we’ll knock off 30%!”

You: “Well, trying to figure out what 30% of ₹50 is just an uglier calculation than what I’m used to.

Luckily with this rule, I know that 50% of 30 is a much cleaner and easier way to figure out the same answer. Simply, 50% of 30 is equal to 15.

In a matter of seconds, I know that 30% off of a ₹50 order saves me ₹15.”

This will also help you calculate your crypto trading profits😀
Comfortably fit everything in your suitcase 
Search Google effectively

It is very important now a days as Google has answer for almost everything. Google can help in every crisis if used properly. I am not talking about it guys here. Many of the non it users are not so comfortable in searching. They should learn this skill..
Hold their breath for 10 minutes.
Brushing your teeth right (:
How to tie the worlds strongest knot - the bowline knot
Baking an egg maybe